Dining in Bali – a culinary delight

Recently I went for a 15 day trip to rest and relax in Bali and had the great fortune to eat at a number of amazing new and existing restaurants that have taken the dining experience in and around Seminyak in Bali to a whole new level.

Bali has become like an extension of Perth for lots of people, as it really is an inexpensive option when you want to get away from it all.  Being only just over three and a half hours from Perth makes it so easy to get to that you can be relaxing by the pool before you even think about it.  This recent trip that I did with my partner Trevor was one of those times when we really just wanted to get away and chill out after a particularly hectic few months.

And that is just what we did – rest, relax but also experience some of the great food that is available in and around Seminyak.  Whilst some of the restaurants we went were not really cheap ( more on par with Perth prices than what we are used to in Bali) we did also eat at some beach side cafes that really knew how to prepare and serve traditional Indonesian fare in a no fuss, cheap and delicious way that meant that when we really wanted to eat with the locals we knew were to go!

But the fact that there are some top class restaurant alternatives opening on a regular basis says something about the quality, the desire for fine dining and the ability to get top produce and to have the chefs in the kitchen to create memorable dining experiences.

Over 15 days we had the chance to explore and experience a wide variety of restaurants, and it seems that the degustation option has taken over in many of the restaurants in Seminyak, which in the warmer climes of Bali can offer a little too much over the course for 3 or 4 hours but in one really memorable dinner, hit all the right notes and served some of the most memorable, interesting dishes I have had for some time.

Teatro Gastroteque has created a dining experience that will long live in my memory!  Located in the heart of Seminyak and based around a range of degustation menus the food at Teatro was brilliant from start to finish.  We decided that we would go for the 7 course degustation menu and were not disappointed with what we were served.  Added to that were 3 additional starting courses and the Amuse Bouche from the kitchen and we ended up having an 11 course meal.

teatro 2 teatro 4 teatro 5 teatro1 teatro3

The above are 5 of the amazing dishes that we were served – from the Foie Gras to the incredible strawberry sorbet served with ginger and lemon grass foam and the succulent wagyu beef tongue each and every course offered an amazing taste experience that really made the night a memorable one.  If you are thinking about heading to Teatro then be sure to book yourself a table and then sit back and enjoy the evening.  This was not a particularly cheap dinner, however if we had chosen not to have wine then it would of course been much cheaper (the thing that always sends the bill over the edge because of the import prices attached to wines in Bali always make a meal nearly twice as much to enjoy.  If we had just had cocktails (I know not the same as really savouring a fine New Zealand SSB) then the mail would have been half the cost. But really it was worth every penny.

There were other dining highlights when we were in Bali and stay tuned to my blog over the next couple of days and I will take you through the amazing meals we enjoyed at The Banyan Tree in their signature restaurant Ja-Ma-Na, a stunning final night meal at Chandi in Seminyak and a lovely meal at Gado Gado not to mention the lunch time brunch at the 5 star recently opened Mulia resort over in Nusa Dua.

I always welcome your comments if you get to read this blog and look forward to hearing from you.


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