Smile your underwear is showing – SCA a great WA success story

When I was first introduced to SCA clothing it was just before they launched their great range of men’s underwear into the local Perth market.

I had the chance to try the new design and see the fabric that was going to be used , the banding and the stitching and I have to say from the very start I was impressed.


Getting access to really good, well made underwear at an affordable price can sometimes be a difficult proposition in Perth.  Unless you are keen to go with BONDS or one of the cheaper options that seem to wear out and not wash very well you usually have to shop overseas or online to get access to underwear at an affordable price because to buy them retail in a store here you have to pay a premium.

So when I was given the option to try out and support a new local manufacturer of men’s underwear I jumped at the chance and I wasn’t disappointed. And I gave them a good try out!  I wore them to work, to the gym, bike riding and just day to day on the weekend – washed them frequently to see how the stitching, the fabric and the style would hold up and each and every time I was impressed with the result.  They maintained their look and they felt good against my skin every time and I am very fussy when it comes to what undies I wear.


As you know I am a real advocate for WA design and some of the most amazing talent that we have on offer here in Perth – see some of my recent posts and also look out for more to come in the weeks and months ahead and SCA is another one of those locally based companies that is rapidly expanding not just locally but nationally and internationally into the market place. With a philosophy based around portraying a positive Australian vibe and tilting their hat at a cheeky, playful, adventurous style and at the same time providing a high quality product.  And they are not just limited to undies either as they now do t-shirts, caps and singlets and are just about to branch out into swimwear as well;  and as you know I love good bathers (see my blog on the wonderful Bikini Atoll

IMG_2065 sample2


SCA is an evolving label that create their range here in WA and also manufacture here. With the great underwear that they have this is another great WA label to watch and to support!

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