Online shopping – my favorite menswear sites!

Increasingly I find myself heading on line to do my clothes and shoe shopping as the range is limitless and I can really find designs and designers that I love at really affordable prices.  I understand how hard it is for the retailer on the street to compete these days when lots of online stores are now offering things like free shipping to entice you onto their sites as the competition heats up.

Here in Australia many of our retailers have really lagged behind the rest of the world and are now trying to play catch up and I have to say not being very successful in their offerings to date.  There are of course some exceptions who have always offered shopping online and made it an effortless thing to do and I like that as I always like to, were possible, support local Australian and West Australian designers as I have said before.

Now with many of the flagship stores in the US now offering shipping to Australia the chance to get your hands on some real bargains becomes a reality, although the shipping can be a bit of a barrier on some of these sites.

I have always been a huge supporter of Australian label SAXONY – and as they do not stock in Perth have relied on travelling east or shopping online to get pieces from their latest ranges and they offer free shipping around Australia.  They are really into layering and have a very monochrome color palette that features lots of black which is something that you know I love.


ASOS – is another site that really has a great range of men’s clothing options and ships to Australia and even has the prices listed in Australian Dollars so you don’t have to go through the whole exchange rate issue when purchasing from them (this is something more and more of the overseas sites are doing as they realise just how much traffic they are getting from Australia and how many shoppers are spending their dollars with them!).  They can be pricey but when they have a sale, they really have a sale and the options are limitless.  They stock labels like Religion, Vivienne Westwood, Armani and Uniforms for the Dedicated which provides an amazing range and there is something for most men on this site. And as I said look out for the sales as this makes shopping with them really affordable and you can get some great clothes as we are a season behind and so when we want summer clothes we get them on sale from the previous season and they have free shipping to Australia too!!!


Another Australian online site that has some great bargains on it and a reasonably good range of menswear is Iconic – .  They don’t offer free shipping as standard but once you spend over $50 you do get free shipping (really when do you usually spend less?).  The clothing that they offer is a little more standard, but if I am looking for some great tees or perhaps a good pair of jeans then this is the site I will head to.  When I am wanting to be a bit more adventurous with my shopping and creative with my look this is not the site I would start with but they do offer some great options for your basics at pretty good prices.

I suppose one of the issues that we all deal with when online shopping is that sizing is not universal across the board and this can cause a range of hassles when looking for clothing that is going to fit without you having the option of having tried it on.  It would be so good if we could get universal sizing that would allow us to know exactly what we were getting and make the online shopping experience even better!  I know a bit of a pipe dream as the sizing is different in Europe to the US and even here in Australia it can be very different between designers.

Now for shoes!  I have yet to really talk about my shoe obsession (which can be a challenge for a man in Perth, as the options are really limited) but my favourite local store, that also sends me email updates and allows me to shop online is ZU – .  They always have great ranges of men’s shoes on offer and I love shoes, like I love my clothes, that have a different edge to them and also shapes, colours and styles.  ZU is the only real option for men in Perth that has a premium range as well as more casual street styles and lots in between.  With the retail sector really suffering currently they have great online sales and usually it only takes a day or two for purchases to arrive.  I recently purchased a great pair of grey snake lace up shoes that I love and they were at an amazing price too, compared to when they were first in store.


As with any shopping if you are prepared to wait a little while you can get some amazing online bargains, and as I said before if you are shopping overseas you get access to our coming season on sale and so can stay in touch with some of the hottest looks from the US and Europe.  I am a big fan of shopping online and like to spend my time perusing the sites to look at trends, specials, styles and having access to labels that are not available here in Perth.

There are so many stores now that I have just limited myself to talking about 4 of the ones that I regularly visit but I also have the GILT app on the iPhone that offers more high end men’s fashion and there are the local labels that let me shop online as well like NikkiLoueza – so if you don’t already do it spend some time checking out what is on offer and enjoy a shopping experience that allows you to browse at your own pace!


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