NikkiLoueza crosses functional boundaries boldly


If you have been a reader of my blog since I began it a couple of weeks ago you will know that I am really into clothing that has an androgynous edge to it and here in Perth NikkiLoueza –  is a label that ticks all the boxes for me!

I was first introduced to the label this year whilst working on STYLEAID at our initial photo-shoot and was instantly struck by the distinct design style and the fact that even though at this stage they were mainly marketing to men there were pieces in the range that would equally work for men with a more adventurous aesthetic.  The clothing is very Japanese influenced and the quality is first rate.  The pieces are trans seasonal and really are staple items that you can work into a range of looks and pair with other items in your wardrobe.


On the catwalk at STYLEAID this year they presented some of the range for the first time with male models showing how any man can purchase pieces from the range and make it work.  Again the issue from a Perth perspective for me is the limited range here in Perth and the reactions that you sometimes get when being a little more adventurous, where as in Melbourne for example people take fashion sense, style and individuality in their stride and in fact celebrate it.

I like to push the boundaries from time to time, I can also have my ‘down’ time when I love to just wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and NikkiLoueza offers a range of great pieces that allow for me to mix and match with what I have in my wardrobe and to really make a statement on my style and how I like to look when I am heading out on the town, going to an event or just wanting to wear a really functional well made item of clothing.


Nikki Hardie and Isobel Macaulay the design duo behind the label  have created an incredible range that is minimalistic and really comfortable to wear.  With a colour palette of black, white and grey these really are pieces that transcend the seasons and make a great addition to any wardrobe both male or female.

As I push on with trying to get the men of Perth to be more adventurous I encourage you to head to the NikkiLoueza website and check out their current range and see what would work for you!  You will not be disappointed!


All the photos on this blog post are from John Koh taken at STYLEAID 2013 at CROWN Perth in Friday August 9 – you can check out John’s work at


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