Aurelio Costarella 30 years of Divine Design

Friday evening I was very honoured to attend the WA Museums- 30 year retrospective for Aurelio Costarella – The evening started at 7 pm sharp with a note on the invitation that this was one fashion event where you did not want to be fashionably late.

Arriving just on 7 pm there was already a throng of excited fashionistas waiting to head into the museum and to experience both the 30 year retrospective for Aurelio but also the fashion Rocks exhibition that had crossed the country from the Powerhouse Museum and was also launched on the night.


With drinks firmly in hand after ascending the stairs it was like stepping back in history and the chance to meet and mingle with so many of the people who have had an impact and been part of Aurelio’s story so far. After the usual formalities that happen at these types of openings it was time for the wonderful Aurelio to take to the podium to share some of his reflections on the past 30 years.

His speech was thoughtful, considered, emotional and heartfelt as he looked back on his career to date and there was many in the room who shed a tear with him. As he said, there were too many people to thank to name everyone but many of them were in the room, there to celebrate along side him this journey reflecting on 30 years of design brilliance!


Your intrepid blogger with the incomparable Aurelio Costarella

I first had the good fortune to meet Aurelio 16 years ago when I began working on STYLEAID when he was one of the featured designers and he has been the only designer that has shown his range at STYLEAID every year since it began. From the start he has always been a true gentleman. Always there with a smile, words of encouragement and support for the work that STYLEAID does to raise money for the WA AIDS Council and always very gracious and considerate of other people, whether it be at fittings or on the night of the event and always willing to offer advice to young up and coming designers along the way.

He has built a brand that now has an international reach and was the first West Australian designer to show in New York, at New York fashion Week, among other amazing feats. His ever evolving style and attention to detail are synonymous with the quality and design of an Aurelio Costarella outfit. The workmanship and finish make his collections stand tall above others in the marketplace and he has really placed himself on a level all his own here in Western Australia.

And now back to Friday night – the exhibition was curated by Costarella Brand Manager Paul O’Connor who did the most amazing job at creating a truly inspired exhibition dotted throughout the Museum and popping up in the most unexpected places that added to the allure and surprise as we wandered through the Museum in search of the next outfit. It was a real triumph to Paul’s understanding of the brand that allowed him to do such an insightful amazing job at presenting this 30 year retrospective as a real tribute to the design brilliance of Aurelio Costarella

With “pop up” performances from the WA Ballet and the WA Opera adding yet another element to the night this was a real celebration of the career so far of one of the most wonderfully talented designers that WA has produced!


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