Jewelry design that lifts the senses and inspires from Alister Yiap

In my day job working on STYLEAID –  I have been very fortunate to have had the chance and continue to have the chance to work with some of the most talented and amazing people who have been inspirational to me on so many different levels – see some of my previous blogs to catch up on some of those amazing and talented people here in Perth that I have the good fortune to get to work with. One of those is an amazing young jewelry designer called Alister Yiap –

One of those people is a jewelry designer that I had the good fortune to meet a few years ago that has consistently produced some of the most amazing couture jewelry collections that I have ever seen that push the boundaries of what jewelry design is all about.  From his initial graduate collection to his most recent showing at the Perth Fashion Festival – , Alister Yiap has not been afraid to create forms and sculptures that add another dimension to the body that is wearing them and is completely theatrical and whilst his couture jewelry might not be something that you would wear down the street his other jewelry ranges are eminently wearable, after all to continue to create his amazing couture range he also needs to make a living and he is doing that with his ranges of unique hand made jewelry as well as his unisex jewelry collections.

Perth Fashion Festival 2013 - Day 2   Perth Fashion Festival 2013 - Day 2   Perth Fashion Festival 2013 - Day 2    Perth Fashion Festival 2013 - Day 2

Shots taken from Alister’s recent show at the Perth Fashion Festival 2013

He is currently working on his series 4 collection and the series 3 collection of his Lamina range is truly inspired and is ever evolving.  His craft man-ship and design skills allow him to bring his designs to life, whether it is an amazing scarf with hand blown beads or rings (one of the earliest pieces of his that I was lucky enough to have), to bracelets, rings, ear rings, cuff-links or necklaces, Alister constantly creates jewelry that is both individual but also totally affordable.

LA-231ST    LA-232ST

LA-631ST    LA-932ST

Pieces from Lamina Series 3 with Series 4 on the way…

Crafting impressive and distinctive shapes that often evolve during the design and production phase his individual style shines through.  Alister is yet another designer from Western Australia who is not afraid to take chances and also push the boundaries whilst staying true to his original vision.

He is one of those designers who offers so much of who he is through his design and I am yet to see a piece of his that I have not loved. So stay tuned as there I have been told that there are more exciting things in store in the coming year for Alister and after seeing what he is capable of to date then the sky is the limit for this very talented designer.

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