Lady Gaga pops with ARTPOP



I need to start this post with a frank confession, I have always been and probably will always be a “little monster” as Lady Gaga likes to call her fans, albeit an older taller little monster than perhaps she envisages when she talks about us.  Since the very beginning there was something in what she was saying in her music and the various groups of people she was representing by being outspoken and proud to not hold back that really got me into what she had to say but above all that I have always really enjoyed her music.

And to see her in concert, there is a show that grabs you from the opening until the last note is played…she is a real show woman who knows how to put on a show and has a voice that can grab hold of any ballad and then get dance funk or hard core on you and really let you know who is in control  Her vocals are wonderful and here on the new ARTPOP album she once again offers what she does best – dance, fun, some balladry to hook you in and songs that don’t really have lots of depth in terms of their lyrics but are fun none the less.

There have been teaser songs released in the lead up to the album being released last Friday and I especially loved ‘applause’ and also “Venus”.  There is much to dance to and I tend to listen to many of my albums and the ones that I really like when I am on the cross trainer or the running machine at the gym.  But if an album really grabs me then it gets moved to the car for me to listen to when I am on the way to or from work, home from the gym or driving around as part of my job.  This for me is the test of whether an album has really grabbed me and that I want to listen to it again and really lose myself in the music.

In our highly disposable world it is really easy to move from one album to another quickly and discard all the others along the way but so far I am loving all that is ARTPOP and it has only been a couple of days and I have already listened to it 4 times…

For me the stand out tracks are ‘Gypsy’ with its lush music and it is a stunning ballad that hooks you from the opening refrain.  I also loved ‘Fashion’ and ‘Dope’ is also another highlight on an album that I loved from the opening of ‘Aura’ all the way to ‘Applause’ at the end.  All us little monsters will snap this disc up and hopefully it will also appeal to those who are after some fun, sexy, lyrical dance music that also offers some ballad time to get you in the groove as well.

I enjoyed it, I hope you will too!

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