Saxony a fashion label for the man who loves to stand out!

saxony 11If you have been a reader of my blog over the past few weeks you will know already that one of my favourite Australian labels is SAXONY – because of their bold choices for menswear designs.  They are not afraid to think outside the box and as we all know the notion of innovative menswear in Australia is hard to come by.  Unfortunately commercial restraints and many men’s lack of the desire to experiment with their own individual styling that goes beyond what colour t shirt to wear or whether a pair of pants should have a pleat really has stopped some local labels from taking a risk when it comes to designing innovative and really creative cuts, designs and styles for men.


SAXONY is one of those labels that lets their creative juices flow and whilst their colour pallet is monochromatic and fits with a very Melbourne aesthetic they work with form, shape, contours and draping in a very clever way.  I first discovered them on a trip to Sydney 4 years ago when I wandered into one of their stores in the centre of the city.  Straight away I was grabbed by the black, grey and white colour pallet (again if you read my blog regularly you will know how much I love these colours in my clothing!) but what really got me was the cross over nature of many of their looks for that year! It was really possible to mix and match a range of items and also not be limited to just looking at the mens section – if you were adventurous that is!  And that still holds true for the creative vision on show here, there are many amazing looks that cross gender boundaries and both men and women would be comfortable wearing different items from each of their ranges.saxony2

The summer range for 2013/14 is no different and this is one of the first times that I have seen SAXONY incorporate some amazing bold graphic design elements into their range.  Whilst still maintaining the strong basic colour pallet of black, white and grey they have introduced patterning that is creative, exciting and distinctive.  The fact that the only place you can purchase SAXONY is in their own stores or online is  testament to the strength and support of those of us who love what they do and enjoy the direction that the designs take each season, I just wish they would find a location in Perth and open a store here!

saxony4I have always been a big supporter of individual style and really embrace the ability for a man to feel so comfortable in his own skin that he is prepared to explore his notions of style and form and to look at what he wants to wear and not what others expect him to wear.  For me SAXONY is a label that celebrates that exploration and allows for some edgy forward thinking styling for menswear.  It is so refreshing to see an Australian label that gives men a range of options that do push boundaries and give rise to real individual styling.  As I mentioned earlier commercial reasons often hamper this side of things, as at the end of the day for a label to be successful it does need to sell and this has stilted some of the creative forces behind some menswear labels in Australia but I hope that as SAXONY goes from strength to strength and maintains their forward thinking design philosophy that they will prove to others in the industry that menswear can push the boundaries and I will not have to travel to Europe or Asia to get some more complex, interesting clothing options.

saxony5 saxony6 saxony7 saxony8 saxony9

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