Dressing up or dressing down – what’s your excuse?

Maybe it is just that I am getting older and I was going to say conservative but I suppose if anything I have become even more adventurous in my clothes choices as I get older…maybe I am not as concerned with what other people think anymore and wear clothes that I like, I do however always think that I dress appropriately depending on what I am attending…but I find it really interesting that when I head out on the town, whether it is to an opening, dinner at a restaurant or to a play the lack of style and being well dressed that currently happens amazes me.

It seems that these days almost anything goes; a case in point was a recent trip to see South Pacific at CROWN Perth. In scanning the crowd  I was so surprised to see so many people in jeans and even one young woman wearing a pair of short shorts and sandals, not what I would have thought of as suitable clothes to wear to the theatre. Surely it does not take too much to dress well when heading out? I am all for comfort dressing so you can sit back and enjoy the night but you can still be comfortable but be dressed up and looking like you have made an effort.  The young women mentioned above certainly spent time on her make up and hair but the rest of how she was presenting was more suitable to heading to a café or to the beach.


Would you go to the theatre in a pair of shorts like this? 

I recognise that we live in a more casual world today than ever before but selecting something to head out to dinner to a fine dining restaurant  or to the theatre in does not take too much and you can look your best in any of these circumstances.

Another example of this lack of style and slap dash sense of style was evident when we headed to Rockpool at CROWN for a celebration dinner. of course we wore jackets, nice shirts, trousers and shoes to this special night out only yo be confronted with a table next to us with two guys in torn jeans and one wearing a sleeveless t shirt…really for dinner at a restaurant you are paying top dollar to eat in…how amazing that they let these people in anyway…there used to be dress standards at restaurants and I am having trouble understanding how in a fine dining restaurant you would not want to get dressed up for a total experience.  I can understand jeans and t shirts for a café or a take away dining establishment but not at a place with silver service and fine dining.


Skinny jeans are great but not for a fine dining restaurant experience…surely!

Am I wrong to expect that people would want to take some care in their presentation, goodness knows men seem to take much better care and present their hair well but that seems to be all that they care about…



Taking some time and care when going out does not take long but can make all the difference in how you feel but also how other people perceive you…

Maybe because I attend a range of fashion inspired events that I get to see people who work in and really appreciate fashion who do take care with how they present their individual style and look and that has spoilt me to the reality of what seems to now be a more casual approach when heading out on the town but I do think it is time that we lift our games and present the best of who we are when we head out to an opening night at the theatre or go to a fine dining restaurant for a nice meal.

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