Xmas gift giving part 2 – spread some joy this festive season!

As I continue to put together my Xmas shopping list and begin the task of searching for just the right gifts for the people in my life I have been doing some more research on other charities that offer a range of products and gift ideas that can help make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate than we are.

Xmas time is a time of reflection, sharing with loved ones and being with family and friends.  Sometimes this is not possible for everyone for a variety of reasons and there are now quite a few charities that have embraced the philanthropic side of all of us by offering a range of great gift options that not just make a difference but can make you feel good about your ability to help other people too!

This can be a tough time of year for people who are not connected with family, who struggle with mental health issues, are homeless, are missing loved ones whom they have lost in the past year and it can be a tough time to sit and reflect about what has not been so good about the year that has just passed.  For me, and if you have read my blog you will already know this, I like to try and stay focussed on the positive and see the silver lining in all things that happen in my life, good or not so good.  Focussing on the good and the wonder that exists in our world allows me to stay focussed on what I see is important in life – love, honour, humility, trust, honesty, family and being the best human being that I can.

At this time of the year many charities struggle to meet the demands that are placed on them and to be able to give as much as they would like to their clients and those in need.  But each of us can make a difference by thinking about and assisting any one of these charities when we are buying our Xmas gifts.  It does not mean you have to break the bank but it does mean that by purchasing from any one of the myriad of worthy groups that offer a range of great and different gifts you can really make a difference to the lives of others.

Care Australia – www.caregifts.org.au  has a range of amazing gifts that will really make a difference.  With gifts that start at $10 and up there is something here for everyone.  From drought resistant seeds to a cow or a community fish farm there are many options that will assist a community less fortunate to provide for their community in a meaningful worth while way.  There is nothing nicer than being able to give a gift that will assist a community to be self sufficient and maintain good health and well being.

cow2_RGB-254x203 drought-resistant-seeds_RGB-254x203 community-fish-farm_RGB-254x203

It is hard sometimes when you have kids that you need to by for.  They area always expecting the latest gadget, game or a bike for Xmas and providing them with a card that lets them know that they have donated to a village clean water supply or some seeds to grow crops can be a little disappointing.  One way to deal with this is to adopt an endangered animal for them through the World Wildlife Fund www.support.wwf.org.au/donate .  The great thing about this option, for children and not so little children is that you can chose which endangered species you would like to adopt and then you not only get a card acknowledging this but you also get adoption papers and a plush toy version of the animal.  This is also a great time to explain to our kids what is happening on our planet and how important conservation is!

Become_a_WWF_Partner Adopt_an_animal Make_a_donation

For something more local you can look no further than the Target Uniting Care Christmas Appeal www.target.com.au/html/aboutus/community_unitingcare.htm, Operation Santa, which allows for customers of Target to donate a gift or gift card to be placed under the Xmas tree in store and then these are given out by Uniting Care to disadvantaged people of all ages to help make a difference during Xmas.  For some this is the only special gift they receive at Xmas time and it really does make a difference to their lives.  This has been running through Target for the past 20 years and can help you help those members of your local community that need help the most.


So there you have it, 3 more worthwhile organisations that you can consider, when you are putting together your Xmas shopping list for this year!  If each one of us just choses to support one of these charities then we can really assist them in the vital work they are doing out their in this world of ours!

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