SILKS – an asian delight in the CROWN crown!

I was very fortunate to head to SILKS Restaurant at CROWN for lunch and to experience a range of their amazing Dim Sum dishes that exceeded my expectations!

photo 1

Gorgeous décor at SILKS welcomes all diners!

After having been to the previous main Asian restaurant at CROWN, Yu on a number of occasions I was not sure what to expect when I arrived at SILKS for lunch but I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful décor, service, food on offer and the price.  All of these things added up to make a memorable lunch experience.  From the moment I arrived I was treated like myself and the 2 gorgeous women I was dining with were the only people in the restaurant.

SILKS has created an oasis in the hustle and bustle of the CROWN resort and you feel transported into a fine dining Chinese based restaurant where the level of service is first rate whilst at the same time not being intrusive and overbearing.  The staff were respectful and kept their distance but at the same time where there to clear the table and offer other items for us to share if we needed them.  They filled our glasses with water and I had freshly brewed green tea that was constantly replaced without asking for it throughout the meal.

Instead of choosing from the extensive menu we requested that we were presented with a range of dishes that they could recommend.  When I am in a new restaurant for the first time I love to give the choosing over to the chef or maître d’ and to put these choices into their hands.  I have found that this allows the chance to get a taste of some of the signature dishes of the restaurant and to experience some of the favourites of the chef.

photo 7

Wagyu beef in Chinese rice vinegar.

I am a big fan of Dim Sum and always love to experience new takes on it.   At SILKS this is not all about trolleys coming around the dining room offering a range of items but you choose the items that you would like to try and they are brought fresh to the table, to the point where we got talking that the steamed barbeque pork buns had been sitting their for a while and they whisked them off the table and presented us with fresher hotter ones for us to taste.

photo 9

Crispy fried Patagonian toothfish taro puffs.

photo 8

Steamed red rice pasta roll with minced prawn.

And so to the items that we all enjoyed.  We had the steamed barbeque pork buns as I said along with Crispy Fried Patagonian toothfish taro puffs, steamed Shanghai style crab meat dumplings and the amazing steamed red rice pasta roll with minced prawn served with a beautifully subtle peanut sauce.  But before this was served we were served a Chinese soup spoon with a thin slice of wagyu beef in a really delicate Chinese rice vinegar which was a wonderful beginning.

Each of the dim sum dishes listed above were all delightfully presented and tasted just wonderful.  Subtle flavours that all combined to create some absolutely stunning individual dishes and put together complimented the other dishes. It was such a treat!  For me one of the most wonderful dishes was the signature steamed red rice pasta roll with minced prawn, it was magnificent and the flavours were exquisite.  The taro puffs were also quite wonderful and so flavoursome and delicious.  I have never been a huge fan of steamed barbeque pork buns as I usually find them tough and not really light and fluffy the way they should be but today they were served perfectly and were a real treat.

photo 3

Traditional green tea served beautifully.

Once we had finished these we were served a truly stunning dim sum dish which was a pumpkin ball filled with coconut, egg yolk custard and pumpkin which was just lightly sweet but the perfect way to end the meal.  It was tasty, delightfully presented and delicious.

photo 5

The amazing pumpkin balls.

Finally we were served a gorgeous mandarin jelly and a slice of Caramel and sesame that were small, delicate and light with tastes to match.

photo 4

To finish the mandarin jellies and caramel and sesame slice.

I was then fortunate to get a tour of the private dining spaces that are on offer at SILKS and so if you were having a special occasion there are a 4 rooms that offer seating for between 12 and 25 people that would be perfect for a small celebration lunch or dinner.  The upstairs room even has a balcony attached to it and would be a lovely room for a really special event; it seats up to 14 and is decorated in traditional Chinese style.  Even sitting in the main dining room you are never over whelmed with lots of noise or hustle and bustle but feel more like you are sitting in a very exclusive Chinese restaurant.

SILKS is now on my radar and will be one of those restaurants that I will want to go back to on more than one occasion.  It ticks all the boxes for me and was a truly memorable dining experience.  Next time you are at CROWN check it out.  Oh and it is not outrageously expensive either, so it will not break the bank.

photo 6

Your intrepid blogger after the amazing lunch!

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