The never ending battle of the bulge – diet and exercise…aaahhhhh!

As a person who once tipped the scales at 142kgs I am constantly battling to stay on track in this faced paced world and to not give in too much to the amazing temptations that are on offer, especially at this time of the year!  After spending many years eating lots to take away, drinking my fair share of wine and champagne, as well as cooking large size dinners at home and really enjoying a range of gastronomic delights along the way!


This is a battle that is ongoing and is never ending.  After nearly 40 years of increasing weight, managing to keep my weight at a healthy level is a constant and a focus that I have to maintain and to be honest is a real struggle!  It would be, and sometimes when I get stressed, is very easy to go back to old habits, event after 10 years of attempting to stay on the straight and narrow.  I usually get one of the old photos out of me when I was very large and reflect on the change that has happened over the past 10 years and think about how much healthier I feel right now and that gets me back on track!

But it is a constant and I realise that to maintain a healthy weight I am going to have to continue to exercise 5 or 6 days a week and also watch what I eat, otherwise I will see my weight begin to blow out again.  This has happened a couple of times over the past few years each time it happens I get disappointed in myself for letting food take over my life again.  If you are a reader of my blog you will know how much I love to eat out and enjoy a good meal in a restaurant and also love wine and a good French champagne but I also know that if I do any of these things regularly then the weight starts to creep back on and before I know it the clothes start to not fit again and I start to feel less in control of my body.

I have been lucky that in the past 4 years I have committed too and really gotten into the gym in a big way.  Not the pushing weights side of the gym but cardio (even though one of the personal trainers keeps trying to get me to do some weight work to balance my workout and help with my over body look) as I am still intimidated by all the big buff boys who parade around the gym staring into the mirror and admiring all their hard work.  I suppose deep down I still see myself as that 142kg man that I was 10 years ago and feel totally out of place in a gym situation, even after 4 years but also am addicted to the cross trainer, bike and treadmill.  These days if I go longer than a day without heading to the gym my body really feels it and I get a bit cranky, so something there is working for me.

As the Xmas season moves into full gear I find it increasingly difficult to stay on the straight and narrow in terms of my food intake, when attending events and just wanting to wind down after a particularly stressful day!  But I am attempting to do that, even though there are days when that does not work out so well.  I just have to be mindful of that the side effects of falling off the diet and exercise bandwagon would be for me to know I need to keep that positive focus and look at how happy I am with more energy and for the firs time wearing clothes that I like and not ones that hide the fat stomach and look ridiculous on me.

Alcohol is the easy one for me to not over indulge in, don’t get me wrong I love it and could very easily fall into having a few glasses every night after work but also know that as I put on weight really easily that if I start to indulge regularly it adds to adding more weight to me.  I am fortunate that I can say no to it and now chose only to drink maybe once a week or less and when I do I usually will only have one or two glasses.  I will make an exception to this rule at special occasions but still will only usually have 3 drinks…which is good for my partner and others as I can always be the designated driver, so there is a positive from this choice other than not putting on any extra kilos.

We live in a world full of fast food, cheap food options and it is really easy to go down this road in the time poor society that we live in.  I need to remind myself to keep looking at these changes as positives and not negatives and embrace the skinny inside and keep focussed on that.

The battle continues and will continue for the rest of my life.  I have not been blessed with a metabolism that works fast and processes fat and keeps me skinny without lots of work and I know that is how it is…unless of course some fabulous scientist out there comes up with a wonder drug to assist!  I need to get on that cross trainer and keep working at keeping the weight down and to look at the benefits long terms in doing this as I get more mature in my life.  Having the stamina to keep up with the grandkids and to do all of those active things that I enjoy and had struggled with when I was a big boy make the battle of the bulge a really important one to stay on top of.

As we as a world continue to battle with the highest levels of obesity in history we need to learn from each other, support the choices we make but also realise that it is not an easy thing to do and stay on top off.  Enjoying life has to be at the forefront but also staying well, fit and happy is also important for our own well being too!

Moderation is a hard thing at the best of times but it is possible and it can be done!  It is still possible to enjoy all those wonderful foods and wines that you love but I have learnt to try and temper it with smaller portions and if I do I can enjoy the tastes but watch my weight at the same time.  Everything has really gotten super sized in lots of places but smaller portions really allow you to enjoy and savour the tastes without the mega calories involved in large servings.  I will always love my food and also great wine and of course French champagne but also do not want to fall into old habits and I really do want to stay the slimmer version of myself and not revert to the big boy I once was!

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