Atrium – a delight of food fusions at CROWN!

It might seem that I am spending an awful lot of time at CROWN  at the moment, and whilst that might be true, it does have some great dining options and it just happened that we were going to be there on Sunday with some friends to see the last performance of South Pacific so we thought we would take advantage of the fact that we were there and head to the Atrium Buffet for dinner.  As 2 of our guests were my parents-in-law and they love the Atrium Buffet we thought it was the perfect choice post South Pacific for dinner and we were right.


We have eaten here a number of times now as it offers so many great options in terms of food and unlike some other buffets that we have been too, as the number of guests is dining there is always so great the freshness of the food is always guaranteed.  Whilst there are some staples that are always there including the sushi and sashimi and of course the fresh oysters and prawns the other dishes never cease to delight and offer so many options it is hard to try everything on offer with out coming away so full you can hardly move.


It is so easy to be overwhelmed by such a great selection of fresh dishes but planned carefully you do not have to overdo it and you can really enjoy some of the great tastes of offer.  I had someone comment on the cost (it was $75 per head on Sunday night) but as another friend with me rightly pointed out if you have some oysters and prawns the start your meal, you will pay around $30 – $36 per dozen in any other restaurant for this and then add a main course and a dessert and you will and truly spend $75 per head.  The other saving grace at Atrium is that the beverage list is really reasonably priced and so it does not cost a fortune to have a nice bottle of wine or even a beer with your meal.

The one thing that has sometimes let us down when we have visited the Atrium is the service, in the past it has been difficult to place a drinks order once we settled into our seats and we have learnt by past visits and placed our drinks order as soon as we sat down.  But they seemed to have addressed this issue because when we had finished the bottle of wine that we did have we were asked if we wanted to order any more drinks so I think through feedback from other guests CROWN have sorted the service issue out!

The food itself was again fresh, abundant in it options and beautifully presented and everyone on our table all enjoyed the food that they chose to indulge in.  Being close to Xmas there was lots of seafood on offer and it was delicious – the prawns were sweet and succulent, the oysters were freshly shucked, the chilli green lipped mussels were delicious and the scallops served on the half shell with a garlic and cream sauce were a delight.  So for seafood lovers the buffet is really wonderful and all the people I was with all raved about it. 



The Asian options were also lovely too – from the dim sum options to the seafood sambal and the chilli slipper crab and the roast peking duck, you would not be disappointed with the quality on offer here. If you read one of my very first posts you will have seen my review in Bali of the exceptional buffet that we went to at the Mulia Resort in Nusa Dua – to know how what my expectations for a good buffet are and the Atrium is by far the best one on offer here in Perth by far!

It has a great range of options and when it comes to dessert there is nothing quite like it locally. The options are plentiful from the freshly made waffles to the specially created ice cream log that has a plethora of divine ingredients included to create something truly magical. I am a big fan of the individual desserts that are all almost bit sized so that you can enjoy more than one.  A mini pavlova or a slice of a chocolate sacher torte and a scoop for fresh lemon sorbet all add up to dessert bliss for me and then leave just enough room to have a small serve of cheese and biscuits to complete the meal.


Yes the Atrium buffet is quite a large space but they have set it out very cleverly since it was re launched in the past 18 months to make it look and feel like a million dollars and to create an environment that give you a relaxed atmosphere to sit back and enjoy a great dinner out with friends!   


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