Dim Sum delights in Northbridge – Dragon Palace rules!

It seems lately I have been enjoying lots of Dim Sum, and frankly that is not a bad thing!  I do love the small tastes of great Chinese food that Dim Sum offers.  Yesterday was another Dim Sum day when my manager at work took his team out to lunch as a Xmas end of year thank you and what a lovely treat it was!


Dragon Palace  www.dragonpalace.com.au/ has been serving Dim Sum and traditional Chinese seafood dishes since 1999 and has created an exceptional reputation for high quality fresh Dim Sum and also for its a la carte dining but this day was all about Dim Sum for us!  Arriving just after midday that restaurant was already quite full with people clearly enjoying their food and for me the sign of a really good Chinese restaurant is the number of Chinese people enjoying the food and there were plenty yesterday who were tucking into a wide range of wonderful dishes.



Dim Sum can be fairly predictable in what it offers, but if it is created fresh and served quickly from the kitchen it never gets old or boring.  You do generally know what you are getting and certainly on our table we all had our favourite dishes that we were keen to get and share with our colleagues and share we did.

The trollies come around regularly to offer most things and others can be ordered fresh from the kitchen – like the roast Peking duck and the same with the desserts, they come from the kitchen except for the traditional egg tarts which are in such high demand that they are constantly being carried around the restaurant on offer to the diners.

As you can see by the photos attached to this post we certainly did not hold back in what we ordered and each and every dish was a taste delight and it was like visiting an old friend – you know what to expect and usually always have a great time with them and this Dim Sum experience was no different.  The food was well presented, served hot and fresh and was tasty and satisfying.


dimsum 1


The secret for good Dim Sum to is drink the Chinese Green Tea during the meal to help with digestion and also to drink plenty of water as well.  The tea flows freely at Dragon Palace and adds yet another traditional element to the Dim Sum experience.  The staff are constantly coming around to make sure all the tea pots on the table are filled and that the tea does not sit for too long and stew.

Steamed, fried, baked and fresh, all the dishes that we had were just delightful and each of us enjoyed our favourites and got to try some other dishes that we had not previously had.

Dragon Palace is one of a few Dim Sum restaurants in Northbridge currently on offer and this one for me is at the top of the list.  The ambience and feeling in the restaurant made me feel like I was back in Hong Kong and I really appreciated the level of service, the way the food came out so freshly and also the atmosphere in general.  It is all about sharing, conversing and enjoying.  Dim Sum is not about a quiet romantic meal but is all about family and connections as the trollies zig zag around the room and Dragon Palace hits that mark and rules with its wonderful Dim Sum! Oh and they also have a Karaoke bar upstairs!

Dragon Palace

66 Francis St
Northbridge  WA 6003
Phone: 9228 2888

Lunch weekdays 10.30 am – 3,00 pm
Weekends 10.00 am – 3.00 pm
Dinner 6.00 pm – late.

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