2 New dining experiences on the weekend – Nepalese and Pizza…what a contrast!

I had intended to get to posting these reviews of the 2 restaurants that we went to over the weekend yesterday but Xmas shopping and the heat got in the way so today you get reviews for 2 very different restaurants in one post!

Friday night saw us head to the wonderful Nepalese Himalayan restaurant www.himalayanrestaurant.com.au   in Beaufort Street Inglewood and a great dining experience that included tasty wonderful food and easy service that saw things arrive promptly with just enough break in between each course, even when the restaurant was packed.

nepal1   nepal2

The Nepalese cuisine combines the culinary cuisines of neighbouring Chine and India to great effect and the spices and tastes on offer do not disappoint.  The Nepalese are descendants of major migrations from India, Tibet, North Burma and Yunnan via Assan and the dishes on offer here reflect this diversity and cultural mix.


We started with the mixed entrée plate which consisted of the chefs special BBQ chicken, lamb kebab, samosa and  vegetable pakora and prawn served with dipping sauces that was the perfect way to begin our meal.  It was fresh, tasty and you could really taste the different spices coming through the dishes.

For the main course we all share a range of dishes that ranged from very spicy to more refined in its approach to spices and each one complimented the others.  To complement this we had garlic naan bread and light and fluffy rice.  We had Chara ko Sekawa which was tender pieces of chicken thigh marinated in special Nepalese spices with yoghurt, cooked in a Tandoori oven – a delicious chicken dish that we were all impressed by. Alongside that was a beef dish, a lamb dish, a prawn dish and a vegetable dish to round out the main courses.  They were Himalayan hot lamb, which was lamb cooked in hot Nepalese spicy sauce and it sure was hot, but still subtle enough to allow for the flavours to come through; the beef masala was a rich blend of beef cooked in onions, tomatoes and capsicum in a much milder sauce that really allowed the beef flavours to shine; the sizzling garlic prawns were lovely and served on a sizzling plate with onion, capsicum in a tomato, onion and garlic sauce and finally the vegetable dish which was Aloo Bhuteko and this was potato cubes pan-fried with herbs and spices and added yet another layer to the meal.

The meal cost $74 per couple and we brought our own wine so made for a really inexpensive delicious meal.

As I said before the food was tasty, fresh, spiced perfectly and this restaurant will go on my list of must return to places!

Nepalese Himalayan Restaurant
840 Beaufort St

Phone: 6161 9509

Lunch: 11am – 3pm Wednesday – Sunday
Dinner: 5pm – 10pm 7 days

To contrast heavily with this was the visit we made on Saturday night when we had 2 of our 3 grandsons for a sleep over.  They decided that they wanted pizza for dinner and we had noticed that at one of our local places that we head to on a Saturday morning for coffee and breakfast to read the papers that there was a new pizza place opening and thought it would be good to try.  Hugo’s is located in Kilpa Court in City Beach and is in a small group of shops tucked away off the main drag in the area.

It just offers pizza and garlic bread and a couple of pasta options – namely lasagna and traditional spaghetti Bolognese.   The thing that I really liked about Hugo’s was that you could create your own pizza and have as many or as few toppings as you want or you could order the usual options.  My eldest grandson only likes pizza that has either meat or prawns or both on it and so that was easy to do…he got a pizza with ham, bacon, pepperoni and prawns on it and we opted for the Hugo’s special which was made up of ham, pepperoni, pineapple, capsicum, onion, mushrooms, tomato and bacon.  We also opted for some of the garlic bread and chose to eat it there as it was hot still outside and just made sense to stay put and eat there.


It has tables and chairs but as it has only just opened in the past week there was not plates etc. so you pick up your pizzas which are served in take away boxes open the lid and go for it!  Having 2 children with us they loved this and the pizzas were really delicious;  there is nothing like a home-made base topped with fresh ingredients and coming straight out of the pizza oven and being devoured by 2 hungry adults and 2 children as well!


The boys loved them, my eldest grandson stating that it was the best pizza that he had ever had and they loved the garlic bread as well.

Hugo’s is great for a good take away pizza but don’t head there for a dining experience to remember as that is not what it is set up for but if you want a really good, fresh made pizza then I would not hesitate to head down there and try one.

We had 1 large, 1 family and a garlic bread and it cost us $38 which was a pretty good price for the size and quality of the pizza!

Hugo’s is located in Kilpa Court in City Beach and when I find their phone number I will include it in another post for you as it is so new they are not listed in the white pages yet and I did not take the details down on Saturday night!

So there you have it 2 new places that we tried this weekend and both good in their own way!

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