The hit and miss story of the search for a great breakfast cafe in Scarborough!

I must admit that at times I can be a real creäture of habit and when I find somewhere that I really enjoy going to be it for food, fashion or to book my travel I tend to stay with them for the long haul.  For the past couple of years Trevor and I have headed each Saturday morning to E Cafe in Kilpa Court for our regular Saturday morning breakfast, coffee and the chance to catch up on the latest news on our iPad from here and around the world.  We usually follow this on a Sunday with a trip to Dome in Scarborough for breakfast and to read the Sunday papers.

This has been our routine as I said for the past couple of years, first because a dear friend owned and ran E Cafe and Dome was one of the few options on a Sunday that was local and open early enough to give us that freshly brewed coffee that we crave the first thing in the morning.  Well this has all changed with E Cafe being sold and moving into new hands and the fact that in the past year or so a number of new cafes and restaurants have sprung up around us to tempt us to try what the competition had to offer and to try to find a good alternative to E Cafe and perhaps even somewhere other than Dome for Sunday breakfast.

This prompted us last weekend to stumble on The Shack that has just opened under the Rendezvous Grand Hotel in Scarborough.  From the outside it looks funky, fun, cool and interesting and we stole a glance at the menu and it looked really interesting so decided to head back there over the next few weeks to try it out.  On Saturday as we headed for what we thought would be our last breakfast at E Cafe we found that they were only serving coffee and not doing breakfast so we thought it was the perfect chance to head down the road to the Shack and test out their breakfast menu and coffee.


I have to say that when I first wanted to do a blog I had wanted to focus on the positive in all aspects of the things that I wrote about (if you ever ready any of my posts on Facebook you will know that I try to live by a mantra of positive thoughts and positive words to share with others) but I have realized that to be fair to the people who read my blog and to be true to how I find my dining experiences I need to be honest about my experience and I have to say the experience that we both had at the Shack on Saturday morning was a real disappointment.

A friend had been there the previous week and had loved the food, coffee and service but I have to say that yes the service was great and the staff really friendly but the food and the coffee were huge disappointments.  Again we are both creatures of habit when it comes to our breakfast choices but I decided on this occasion that poached eggs on rye bread with a side of rosemary mushrooms would be a nice change from my usual muesli and fresh fruit that I usually indulge in.  On reflection perhaps I should have stayed with what I usually order as the eggs were a real disaster.  To start with they were over cooked…hard and not very tasty.  The bread that they were served on was dry and the size of the eggs…I prefer to see my eggs runny, tasty and that there is enough bread that at the end of polishing off the eggs you can mop up any left over yolk with a large crusty piece of left over toast.  Add to that the mushrooms whilst tasty amounted to about 2 mushrooms on the plate and were not really hot but just luke warm.



Not what I would call a good poached egg!

And then there was the coffee.  Both Trevor and I like different morning coffees – I love a skinny latte with an extra shot and he opts for a large soy flat white.  Well we certainly go what we ordered but they were only just warm enough and quite bitter which was either because they had burnt the coffee when preparing it or the blend they use was not particularly nice, but either way it was not a great coffee for either of us.



The decor was fun and the service good but that is all for the Shack!

This was a real disappointment and I have to say that we will not be heading back here any time soon.  One other point for the Shack is that for a new café they do not offer wi-fi…really!  Surely given that this area is full of young people, tourists and the like that wi-fi would be a mandatory part of what your establishment would offer its patrons.  I just could not believe it when they told us that they did not have wifi at all…big mistake and as we both take our iPad along with us so we can catch up with news from around the world then this was just the last reason that we would not head back there.

The hit of this story occurred for us today when we headed out for our Sunday breakfast and decided to walk 200 metres across the road to a café we had noticed a few times but had never headed in to try.  Boho Espresso was a delight from the moment we walked in and were greeted by the friendly staff to the end of our breakfast when we wished a great day!  This is a line up at the counter café that serves a full brunch menu from 6am in the  morning until 3 pm 7 days a week…what a find!

The coffee was hot and when it was served to us they had not put the sweeteners in mine (something which I like to have done before the milk is added) and when it was realized that this had not happened it was whisked away so they could remake it for me.  That is what I call attention to detail and it was appreciated.  We both enjoyed our coffees and interestingly like a few of the local places the idea of what is a large coffee could be a little larger but really that is just nitpicking as the coffee was not bitter, was hot and was just the way we both like our coffee.


I have to say from the beginning I felt more like I was in one of those great little Paddington Cafes in Sydney and not sitting just 500m from Scarborough beach.  The ambiance, feel and friendliness were fantastic and all added to the experience.

For our food Trevor ordered poached eggs on whole grain toast with a side of mushrooms and I opted for the bircher muesli served with poached pears, stewed rhubarb, blueberries and house made yogurt.  Oh my goodness they were both perfectly served and more than we were expecting.  The eggs were cooked to perfection and served on a bed of wilted greens and a large delightful crunchy piece of toast and the 2 large field mushrooms of the side were delicious and again cooked to perfection.



Delightful poached eggs!



Cooked to perfection!

The Bircher muesli was also wonderful and add to that the house made yogurt, the freshly poached pears, blueberries and one of my favorites – stewed rhubarb and I was in heaven.  This was by far one of the best local breakfasts that we have experienced for a while and oh they also offer free wi-fi.  This is one local business in the area that understands their place, their clientele, and how to serve and welcome their customers so you feel comfortable from the minute that you walk in.


The mouth-watering Bircher Muesli served with all the trimmings!

They offer a range of fresh squeezed juices, and the menu options range from traditional breakfast fare like homemade muffins and eggs to barramundi and pork…this is an eclectic mix of food options and is marketed as brunch – hence the 6am til 3pm opening…what a great find!

There are still a few other new local places for us to try and of course you can look forward to hearing all about them on here but at least one of our weekend breakfast treks will now be to Boho Espresso…maybe if you are in the area we will see you there.

Boho Espresso
Address: 5/241 W Coast Hwy, Perth WA 6019

Phone:(08) 9245 5880
Hours:Sunday 6:00 am – 3:00 pm


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