Essential Xmas catering from Catering Essentials!

After working at the AIDS Council for just over 18 years now every time we head to the Xmas break, as a member of the social club we start to think about what sort of a lunch we would do for the staff.  Over the years we have done a range of different things when putting the Xmas lunch together from the money that each staff member contributes on a fortnightly basis!

We have done restaurants, both casual and 5 star and we have also done catered affairs at different locations from Kings Park to this year having it at the Maylands Bowling Club.  So when we decided to have it at the Maylands Bowling Club we needed to then think about who we would get to do the catering for us!  We have been blessed over the years, and I certainly have in my fundraising role to have worked with some of the best catering companies in Perth.  We do however have a company that does most of our offsite events, training courses, special occasions and this year did our Staff Xmas Lunch.

Brian and the team at Catering Essentials  not only provide wonderful personal service, but have creative menus and are fantastic to deal with!  This is a family run and owned business and they never cease to lift the bar and provide memorable food and work within a budget and give some amazing creative options to make each menu different and fun!


The menu…

Last year I have used them personally to do the catering for my daughters wedding and also for my 50th Birthday, 2 very different types of occasions and again Brian and his team did the most wonderful job for these very special occasions.

For the event on Friday for lunch he came up with a mix of traditional fare along with other options that would keep even the most fussiest eater happy with what was on offer.  The meal started with a set 3 option entree that ensured that if you did not like one of the options served up to you, you could share and swap with others around you.  This did not seem to be an issue for any of the staff at WAAC and we all dug into the fresh prawns served on crisp greens with a light balsamic, the chicken and pistachio terrine and the warm goats cheese, olive tepanade, tomato and basil tartlets.  This trio was served as we all got comfy in our seats after we had all enjoyed a drink at the bar to begin the festivities.  Each of the options were delicious, fresh, tasty and complimented each other perfectly.  Comments from those sitting around me were gushing in their praise and there was not a full plate in site!


The trio entree…

We opted for a buffet option for the main course to allow for each of those attending to have a number of Xmas type fare to enjoy.  We had honey glazed baked ham, succulent turkey served with cranberry, traditional gratin of potatoes and to make it a real Australian Xmas lunch 2 fresh salads – a ceaser and a traditional green salad.  Served with fresh bread on the table we all duly lined up and all enjoyed the wonderful tastes and gorgeous Xmas mains on offer.  I have to say that I have never been a huge fan of turkey, as most times I have had it, it has always been very dry and not very enticing, but on this occasion it was both succulent, juicy and tasted really wonderful accompanied by the cranberries and cranberry sauce.  And there was plenty of food, as is always the case with Catering Essentials that meant people could have seconds and a couple even had thirds!


Finally dessert…

Finally we were served dessert to the table on platters, that again gave people plenty of options to finish off the meal.  There was a wonderful fresh fruit platter, for those of us who just wanted to cleanse our pallets and had well and truly filled up on the previous 2 courses and then there was the cake platters that were made up of the options of profiteroles, fruit tartlets, red velvet cake or individual chocolate covered Xmas cakes.  I was past wanting to indulge in this final course but everyone around me that tucked in loved all the options with the red velvet cake being a stand out and raved about by all who indulged.

cessent 5

Who could resist?

I am a huge fan of the offerings and the professional work that Catering Essentials always puts together, no matter what the occasion and I would not hesitate to use them for either personal or professional occasions as they always go above and beyond the call of duty.

Catering Essentials

Phone: 08 9375 9222
FAX: 08 9375911

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