A birthday cake treat from The Last Crumb…

I am always amazed how people cross our paths at times when we are planning events in our lives and the impact that those people can have on you and the decisions that you make.  Recently Trevor and I were at the opening of the fabulous new upstairs area at Connections Nightclub and had the good fortune to be introduced to a young woman who was just beginning to start a business making and decorating cakes for special occasions.  It just so happened that earlier that night we had talked about the upcoming birthday parties that would be happening in December for our two youngest grand sons and thought it would be great to give Claire a try… http://www.facebook.com/thelastcrumbwa  and we were not disappointed.

I always love to support people who are trying something new and doing something that they have a passion for, be it food, travel, fashion, relationships, and anything else that really floats their boat.  New businesses sometimes do not get lots of support and it is through word of mouth when something offered is good that we can all get behind someone new and local and try to help in any way we can to make their business a success.

Claire is working full-time in a ‘day job’ and is just doing her cake making and decorating as a side businesses at the moment.  She creates a range of amazing a wonderful cakes for all sorts of occasions and was so easy to deal with when we spoke about what we wanted for the joint 2nd and 3rd birthdays of Kyen and Xander on December 27…oh and as a side the reason it was a joint birthday as both boys a born 9 days a part and it made sense to have a joint day with them in middle of their birthday week and we also had lots of family here for Xmas so it made really good sense to try to do it on a day when our family could all come and help celebrate this important day with our gorgeous boys.




The Birthday Cakes – Kyen’s in the train and Xander just loves Mickey Mouse!

She asked all the right questions – what were the boys into?. which characters and things did they like? – what sort of things do they enjoy and on the basis of that suggested a Mickey Mouse cake for Xander and a train cake for Kyen.  She also suggested as it was for kids that she do her rainbow cake as kids love it and it looks really impressive when you cut into the cake and she was not wrong.

They duly arrived the morning of the party and we loaded them into the car for the trip to our daughters place. After much playing around in the back garden and consuming of the usual kids party food of party pies, chips, cheese, frankfurters with lots of tomato sauce it was time for the cakes to make their appearance.

The candles were strategically placed and out onto the table they went.  The boys were so excited to see them and the adults thought they looked amazing.  So we all sang Happy Birthday and the boys blew out the candles and they were then cut up and handed out.  What was fantastic was that the kids tucked in straight away as kids to but the adults all marveled at the amazing way that the cakes looked cut into.  The rainbow color was amazing and in the Mickey Mouse cake the perfect orbs of color spread through the cake drew admiring questions from everyone, they really were impressive.



The boys blowing out their candles!

And then it was time to taste them, as someone pointed out, on some occasions they had a cake presented at a party or a wedding and they looked amazing but the taste just did not add to the mix.  Well I can say and those in attendance all agreed this was not the case with Claire’s cakes…everyone loved how light and moist they were and the taste was just wonderful.  They were a real treat and not just for the kids in attendance but for all the adults as well.



How amazing is the inside of this cake!





The swirly rainbow inside the train – stunning!

So I can now safely say that when we want a good locally baked and fabulously decorated cake for any special occasion Claire at the Last Crumb is where we will be heading.  If you check out her Facebook page you will see other examples of her amazing work…I know you will love what she offers…Enjoy!!!


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