2014 the year ahead- to grow facial hair or not and other random musings…

It has been a couple of days  since my last post and it has been a quiet couple of days by the beach with just getting into the routine of the new year before work beckons again next week!

Just before Xmas I decided to grow a beard…not just a bushy growth but wanted to go with something a little more structured and sculpted.  People who know me know I would not just grow a beard to be like the wild man but would need something a little more sculpted.  I really liked it and those in my life also liked the look of it but after about 10 days it started to get itchy and so I shaved it off…then 3 days ago I decided to begin again as I really did enjoy having it so I am going to give it another go and see how it goes over the next few days and see if I can handle it post the itchy stage so I will keep you informed…and maybe even post a couple of pics.

Beyond that life has really just been about spending time with my house guests over the break and starting to think about our next holiday which is approaching fast…well 8 weeks time anyway.  We are heading to Singapore to have a second try at a cruise.  The last one was from New York to Bermuda and was a bit of a disaster because we had one of the worst crossings in terms of weather that they had in a several years and as someone who gets sea-sick it was a hideous experience.  We also picked a really old cruise ship that was about to retire and the trip was okay once we got to Bermuda so for this one we have picked a much newer, larger ship and a route that is supposedly less rough in terms of ocean.


We will head from Singapore and go to Vietnam, Thailand and then end up in Hong Kong 15 days later.  We are travelling with a couple of friends as Trevor had told me that he would not do another cruise unless there was a few of us along.  So Robbie and Rodney are joining us on this experience on the Celebrity Millennium and then we are having a few days in Hong Kong at the end to again hit Disneyland and do some shopping with perhaps a side trip to Macau as it has been a several years since we were last there.



Even though we have been to all the destinations on the cruise we selected this one as it was advertised on a couple of gay travel websites as a cruise that was not exclusively gay and lesbian only but would have a number of other GLBTI people travelling on it so we thought this would be a good second cruise to try.  I will no doubt be keeping you updated along the way as we head off on March 1 for Singapore so you can look forward to regular updates once we are on our way…

Trevor and I love to travel and post this trip we have not got anything else planned for this year as yet, which is very unusual for us but I am sure there will be another trip at some stage this year.  It is funny but a few years ago one holiday a year seemed to be good but as we have gotten older and as we both really enjoy travelling then we have tried to do more holidays each year, as time allows to get out there and really experience the big wide world.

For the rest of 2014 there are of course plenty of other things on the offing, we will of course be working away at our jobs and this year looks to be another exciting one in terms of work for me.  STYLEAID 2014 looms large in my mind always as it is such a major event on the calendar for the WA AIDS Council and takes up much time to get it over the line and after 17 years to keep it fresh and exciting.  It was announced just last weekend that STYLEAID 2013 was recognized as one of the top 10 events in Perth so we have a lot to live up to raise the bar again and do another amazing event. But I work with a committee of the most amazing people and know that together we can produce a memorable night to raise funds for WAAC and to stay the number 1 fashion fundraising event in Perth showcasing the upcoming spring summer collections from a range of some of the best designers in Perth with a few surprises along the way.



One of my favorite shots from the catwalk at STYLEAID 2013!

And of course we both look forward to spending lots of time with our children and grand children as they grow and develop.  They are after all our proudest achievement and to have them so close to us and to spend so much time for us is a real highlight!

I hope that 2014 is filled with much love, laughter, hope, joy and that you get to do the things that you want but remember to always stop and enjoy some time for you and to embrace the people in your life that you come into contact with as they have the potential to teach you some amazing things.  We are each blessed in our lives with love and the chance to share that love with others is really important.


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