Fashion trends in 2014 what lies ahead?

Well here we are again heading into another year and it promises to yet again be an exciting year in terms of fashion, if we can go by what was on offer in the past couple of months in both Paris, Milan and New York.

Of course here in WA we quite often march to a different drum when it comes to fashion that is offered and that is a great thing as we see our designers get their inspiration from a range of local sources and the environments that they live and design in.  Who actually decides what is on trend? Who are the leaders in the field that tell us what we should and should not be wearing?

I think that each of us has to cultivate our own ideas of what fashion inspires us and come up with our own personal style.  After all something that looks good on one person will not necessarily suit my body type and vice versa.  We need to be comfortable in the clothes that we wear.  We express our individuality in our own way of course and we are led by what is on offer either in our favourite stores or more increasingly through online sites such is Iconic and even now our largest retailers are finally realising that there is a market for online sales (even if MYER did get it all wrong and had a site crashing for over a week when it tried to launch its post Xmas sales online!).  I have to say that for me if I do not know a label particularly well then I prefer to see the clothing in person as sizing seems to differ greatly from label to label and I would also like to see what a garment looks like on before purchasing it!  As I said before it might look great on you but not on me!

I know that with menswear as I have mentioned on here before defining and creating an individual look can be quite difficult here in Perth because the options available locally are really limited but it is of course still possible.

I think that when you find a fashion label/brand that really works for you it is great to keep going back because you know the fit, the price and the quality.  One of the reasons I continue to head back to SAXONY and Dilettante in King St because I can be assured of clothes that fit my style choices and can be as creative with my style as I want.

saxony8A current look from SAXONY – looking forward to their upcoming Autumn/Winter range!

This coming year is looking very exciting if the trends for overseas are anything to go by and I think that we can look forward to much more colour for the upcoming trans seasonal ranges as well as what is in store for autumn/winter this year.  For men we will of course continue to see some of the more muted tones of brown, black and grey but some exciting colour options in suiting, shirts and jackets for the colder months will be on offer.

The women’s ranges will see black and white silhouettes continue to be dominant but there will also be a range of strong bold bright colours with oversized overcoats to cast a strong spell on any outfit for winter especially for women.  Strong reds, oranges and even yellow (if what I have seen on the catwalk in New York and Milan is anything to go by) coats will make strong bold statements and I think it is time that we see some more stronger rich colours abound.  Suiting for women will be more tailored once again but also feature some bold patterns and colours to accentuate the cut and the fit.



Generics accessories…!

As I said before the catwalks are only a guide and there is a thrill to seeing which of the current looks will work for you and playing with not just the clothes but also some exciting accessories to add to your personal style.  Luckily in Perth we have some great options when searching for the latest in accessories or even a gorgeous piece of jewellery to add to a special outfit for an event or night out.  Generics is one of my personal favourites in terms of finding some fun, interesting and creative options for any outfit you have planned and if it is some exquisite jewellery then I always head to see Michael and his team at Koro to be sure to get a current yet timeless piece of jewellery.



Divine jewellery from KORO!

 I will be excited to see what the guests at STYLEAID wear this year  as the event in August is also a great showcase for the fashionistas around town to show off their incredible style and some of the latest trends from some of my favourite local, national and international designers.

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