London Men’s Fashion Week take 2 – eclectic designs trumps every time!

I have to admit I have fallen in love with some of the more diverse and eclectic offerings that have come out of London Men’s Fashion Week and 3 more of my favourites that have shown their Autumn collections over the past 3 days I want to share with you.

I so often see menswear that is limited solely to quite mundane and boring suiting options and that certainly has its place in the market but I really love to see designers who play with their creative aesthetic and put together the most wonderful collections that stay true to their visions and in  London there is always a place for the more experimental and quirky designers to find a place.  Some of these designers then find themselves embraced internationally in a range of stores that see the market for a range of different options for men from Italy to France, Japan and Hong Kong…each love the whimsy, difference and creativity that is not limited to stock standard menswear options.

With any autumn/winter collections you of course get great coats and jumper options and some of those that presented at London Fashion Week were nothing if not predictable in their look and colour palettes but there really were some stand outs for me.  My post yesterday highlighted both J.W. Anderson  and Alex McQueen and the wonderful designs that they presented (other than the clunky platforms that were just much too high for me!) and today I want to highlight 3 other designers that are pushing the boundaries and have created great collections.


Xander Zhou – the Beijing based designer

Xander Zhou is a Beijing based designer who was first established in 2007 and has created a range that has a strong Japanese influence in some of the designs but even that is an unfair description as there is much more on offer here with suiting that is both functional whilst also having a deconstructed edge to it as well as incorporating scarves, shots of colour and hats to give a complete look.  This range is elegant and uses a range of unconventional materials to create each look.



Xang is stocked in London and then can be found in Korea, Japan, China and Hong Kong.  This is one designer that I would like to see get into the Australian marketplace as his designs can be interpreted as slightly quirky yet have a story to tell and are really wearable pieces that it would be great to have included in any autumn/winter wardrobe.

Nasir Mazhar is another designer that has created a range for London that could be categorised as more street, skater in its approach and is more of a casual range.  His designs play with some of the standards that we have come to expect from street wear – oversized pants, low wearing shorts and pants that expose underwear, braces but plays with these by adding other aspects to create a more complete look.


Nasir Mazhar – street wear with a twist!

He adds half sleeve knitted gloves, cool pendants, metallic fabrics and embellishments to complete his looks and has created a fun, wearable collection that has found a strong following in London as well as being stocked in Denmark, France, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Portugal and the USA.  Both his men’s and women’s wear is very street based and the design and form really appeals to the Japanese market place and he continues to create fun and functional street wear.


Finally there is Sibling a collaboration between Sid Bryan, Joe Bates and Cozette McCreery who launched their label in 2008.  The want of the designers was to take men’s knitwear and give it a shake up and start to create well-made, colourful, luxury knitwear that pushes the boundaries and gives men an option other than the boring old grey V neck sweater.


Sibling shines with fun, funky knitwear!

sibling 5sibling6

They incorporate traditional knit stitches with their own brand of quirkiness to create knitwear for men who are not afraid to embrace an individual sense of style (something that I of course love!).  It is fun, whimsical, wearable and in the current range there is something for everyone.  Scarfs, jumpers and even pants and shorts that are knitted give Sibling a stand out place in a crowded knitwear market that should be embraced and celebrated.

Their work is stocked not just in London but also in Belgium, South Korea, USA and quite a few stockists in Japan and I can see why, as their designs would really appeal to the Japanese market in a country that is not afraid to explore and experiment with their clothes and men and more inclined to establish a unique vision for their style of dressing.

London Men’s Fashion week may be criticised for being on too early in the year and that not that many editors were present but that did not stop it from once again impressing and presenting some great designers upcoming ranges.

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