Do shoes maketh the man?

I will be up front from the beginning here…I have a real shoe fetish…well I just love shoes and am always on the look out for new and interesting styles for men.  I love different styles, colours, textures, shapes and everything about them!  It has been a bit of  a passion of mine for a few years now as it is always one of those constants in my life.  For too long here in Perth we were bogged down with real basics – brown or black and not much in between and not many options in terms of styles.

Shoes are one of the things that never change for me, through the fat days to my current body shape…my shoe size has not changed!

I am constantly on the hunt for new, interesting and different designs to compliment the shoes that I already own and regularly do a clean out to make room for new season offerings.  I have an agreement with Trevor that I only have 50 pairs of shoes at any one time so that forces me to do a cull and keep a handle on just how many pairs I do have.

Shoes from the current range from ZUMAN!



Up until a few years ago the options for interesting shoes for men in Perth was really limited and I have to admit to getting most of my interesting designs on my overseas trips.  I found that KL and Hong Kong had some really fantastic options as they stocked Italian brands and locally  made shoes that had an edge.

That all changed for me when ZU entered the market place in Perth and started to stock a range of on trend, distinctly European style men’s shoes in their stores at really affordable prices.  Like any men’s shoe retailer they have to of course offer some of the basic shoe styles to please some of the more pedestrian male shoe buyer in Perth – the usual black or brown basic shoe for business but where they excel is with the variety of designs and styles that they have on offer at any one time!



I have not yet once been into ZU or shopped online with them and not found a shoe that I have not wanted to purchase…yes I have about 15 pairs of black shoes but each one is distinct and offers a very different look that goes with different outfits depending on my mood and what I am wearing.  I also have about 10 pairs of boots and the same goes for them…my mood is indicative of what I want to put on my feet as well as what clothes I wear, as I am sure is the same for most people.

ZU has recently rebranded their men’s collection under the brand ZUMAN and continues to offer a range of great on trend looks that really offer a chance to insert your own style into the style and types of shoes that you put on your feet.  The other great thing that I love about them is the use of colour that has for so long really been missing in men’s shoes other than of course trainers and sneakers.


In the past year I have purchased shoes with snake-skin design, a deep blue shoe and a fantastic pair of purple shoes that I just love.  It is great to finally have a shoe store that offers such a great range of styles that show trends that have been seen in Europe and the US.  It means that we can get some great looks locally that have been seen overseas but at the same time support an Australian company, which is something that I like to do as much as possible and as I said before they have a great price point!

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