Breakfast in Scarborough – the continuing saga! The Sandbar…

The search for the perfect breakfast in Scarborough continued once again with a trip to the renamed Zanders that has now evolved into The Sandbar and had yet another facelift for the corner restaurant that has had quite a few iterations over the past 20 years or so.

They have taken what was in place for Zanders and re designed and given it a completely new look.  They have put fake grass in the outside areas to make it feel like you are closer to the beach and giving it a real coastal feel.  They are all set with high tables and stools so you can get a pretty good view and also get the sea breeze when it rolls in.  The one issue that I have is that the stools are metal and really quite uncomfortable if you want to sit there for any length of time.  The tables are also quite small, which I realise means you can fit more people in but when you want to read the paper or like us catch up on the latest news on the iPad.  Oh and they  do not offer Wi-Fi either…this has become one of my real bug bears as you can imagine if you read my blog, especially for a location right near Rendezvous with lots of tourists turning up.

Surely in 2014 Wi-Fi should be standard – just next door at Boho Espresso  they have it, as you know this is my favourite place for breakfast in the area now and The Sandbar did nothing to change my mind really.  Now to the food and the service.  We are creatures of habit with our coffee and our food for breakfast and when we sat down we ordered coffee and took some time to have a look at the menu just to see what was on offer.

The food on offer is the standard breakfast fair which is just perfect for us and so it was poached eggs with toast and a side of mushrooms that we duly ordered 5 minutes later as we waited for our coffee to arrive.  And then 10 minutes later our meals arrived and still no coffee.   Coffee is one of those much needed things first thing in the morning and it was great to give that order straight away but I really would have preferred the coffee to arrive before the breakfast did.  It was quite busy but the ratio of staff to the number of patrons was down and I know that with breakfast coffee and tea is a staple for most patrons and it is so important to have a good barista that can work fast and efficiently to get the coffee and tea out to tables.


2 large pieces of toast and large field mushrooms with perfectly cooked poached eggs!

It took them over 15  minutes to get our coffees to us and we were half way through our breakfast before they arrived, mind you the coffee was good. The poached eggs and toast with mushrooms was delightful.  The eggs were cooked perfectly and the slices of toast were large, even though we received white toast and not the whole grain that we ordered and the mushrooms were cooked really well but they were not very tasty – a bit too watery but with some salt and pepper added they were quite nice.

We did stay and have second coffees and they came out much faster than the first ones and we enjoyed them but with the slow service for the first coffees and the uncomfortable chairs I would still rather head back to Boho Espresso for breakfast!

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