Chanel surprises and delights and Stephane Rolland heads to the future!

Another day and another round of fantastic Spring 2014 Couture shows took to the catwalk and surprised and delighted those in attendance.  The one that really got everyone talking was Karl Lagerfeld and how he transformed this new collection for Chanel  by adding hand-made sneakers with each look that transformed his couture into something new and delightful. Each pair was made by speciality atelier Massaro and what made them stand out was the applications of lace, beading or tulle.


The perfect backdrop for the surprising Chanel Couture collection!

It was presented in an amazing circular space with glitter walls that were sparkling brightly with a wall opening upon a pair of circular stairways that had an orchestra as the centre piece.  This was a specially designed ‘club’ conceived by Karl Lagerfeld as a futuristic club.  This was no slow graceful entrance for the models but a skip and a run down the stairs and a playful ambivalence that highlighted the serene and the sporty at the same time and set the scene for the collection.

chanel2 chanel3 chanel4 chanel5 chanel6 chanel7 chanel8 chanel9 chanel10

Will any of the above looks make it to the red carpet?

Every model wore them  no matter how elaborate the rest of the outfit was. Lagerfeld believes in his story and in himself and his 30-year track record at Chanel speaks to the validity of his judgment. Were the sneakers campy overstatement? Of course they were but they will sell no doubt. Lagerfeld was giving us his ideas of couture: It can be young, it can be active, it can be versatile, all while remaining consummately couture.

chanel11 chanel12 chanel13 chanel15 chanel17 chanel18 chanel19 chanel20 chanel21

As with all Chanel shows the bride finished the parade in true Lagerfeld style!

This was both a focussed yet diverse collection. With intense corsetry exposed between cropped jackets and belled skirts as well as waistless looks as different as exquisite gowns.   There was even a sporty edge with the inclusion of knee and elbow pads that were integrated within the collection.  What held it all together were the divine fabrics hand-loomed or embroidered with transparent holographic effects.  They were truly mesmerizing and practical too, well as practical as haute couture can be, evidenced by the footwear.

Photos barely do not really do justice to Stéphane Rolland’s  couture collection. The show opened with organza drifting off the oversized shoulders of a white jumpsuit, and ended with a dramatic orange fishtail gown with wing like organza  resembling a butterfly. This is futuristic couture that is not for the shy or retiring types but for a woman who really wants to make a statement on the red carpet.

steph1 steph2 steph3 steph4 steph5 steph6

Floating, futuristic elegance from Stephane!

The workmanship on each gown was impressive and made some very strong statements about form, structure and craftsmanship. Swirling ruffles  undulated on evening gowns in a delightfully dreamy way. Softer styles included enveloping capes and a dreamy, off-white gown with blousy sleeves and a  varnished leather  front.

This was an inspired, creative tour de force that thrilled the audience and had a standing ovation at the conclusion of the parade when the golden bride headed onto the catwalk.

steph7 steph8 steph9 steph10 steph12 steph13 steph14

An exquisite display of couture!

I just love Couture and love the delightful creativity involved in each piece at each show.  Of course there will always be some hits and misses and some of the designers clothes will of course not be for everyone, but it is always wonderful to see the direction each designer and fashion house is moving and to marvel at the craft, style and work that goes into each piece shown whether it is hand-made sneakers or an intricately beaded dress!

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