Playing around the Fringes at the Fringe World Festival!

I don’t suppose I can really categorize this post under any of my usual headings of fashion, food or travel, mind you if I wanted to push it a bit many of the acts that are featured at the current Fringe World Festival here in Perth have traveled from many corners of the globe to be involved this year, so I suppose it can be seen as a travel post of sorts!

Fringe World Festival 2014 has a range of different entertainment streams and options that really does have something for everyone.  The fact that it runs for a complete month means that if you want to head out every night of the week you can or maybe even just wander out to 3 or 4 of the shows that really grab your fancy you can do that as well.  The other fantastic thing about the Fringe World Festival is that tickets are not expensive and so really affordable for most people.

With lots of shows and performances around town regularly costing big bucks it is nice and refreshing to see a festival that has a broader appeal.  The entertainment on offer falls into 11 main categories – cabaret, circus, comedy, community, dance, film, multi-media, music, performance, theater and visual arts and as I said before if you can’t find something here that you would enjoy I don’t know where you will!

This is a wonderfully diverse program the offers the chance for those attending to go on a variety of journeys over the 4 weeks to experience some of the freshest, new talent from around the world and locally to give a great night out.  Last year over 200,000 people enjoyed the offerings and on looking at the options for this year I think they will surpass this total this year.  There really are so many fantastic options.

Last night we ventured out to our first of many Fringe Festival shows and experienced the fun, flighty and a bit naughty performance of Titty Bar Ha-ha.  This show was a riot from start to finish and transported the audience into a 1943 bunker filled with smut, sex, crime and fabulous music to keep us entertained.  Yes it was a little smutty but in a really funny way and it never took itself too seriously whilst at the same time being a great experience.


Titty Bar Ha-ha – a fabulous, fun show!

This performance was located in the Pleasure Garden in Russell Square and took place in the spiegeltent which was surrounded by specialty bars, some great food for before or after the show and just down the road from the Urban Orchard in the Perth Cultural Centre.  It was great to stroll among the other punters and enjoy the balmy summer evening both pre and post the show and it added to creating an amazing atmosphere in Northbridge which can sometimes be missing of an evening here.

Over the coming weeks we are going to be seeing a few more shows and I will keep you up to date with them each week with a weekly review of the shows we went to.  In the next couple of days we are off to see Lords of Strut and Briefs: the Second Coming and they are just the start for us of what promises to be an amazing month of fantastic Fringe World Festival events.


The lords of strut!


Briefs – The second coming!

So if you are in Perth and have a night or two to spare check out the Fringe World Festival program at the website at  and support this great local festival   filled with performances from all over the globe.  I know you will not be disappointed!


The end of a great night – a selfie!

As a footnote to this post I just had to mention our trip last night to see Lords of Strut…it was fantastic!  Irreverent, fun, silly, fantastic dance, great comedy, including their attempts to market their own unique range of men’s grooming products and a full on performance by both of these Irish guys.  From the very start the audience was in stitches with the clever dialogue, jokes and performance and then came the acrobat dancing that defies description and was a real hoot.  This is a fantastic show and is on for another 5 nights…so if you are going to head into the Fringe World Festival then I would highly recommend Lords of Strut, you will not be disappointed.

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