Fringe World rotates on an axis of delighful offerings!

Well here I am at the end of the first week of shows that I attended at the Fringe World Festival  and so as I said in my post last week I want to share my thoughts on the shows that I have seen and some other observations about the Festival to date!

I have to admit to start with that this year marks my first foray in to Fringe World as usually at this time of the year for the past couple of years I have been overseas travelling.  I can now understand that buzz that Fringe creates around Perth and on social media for being filled with some many varied and different shows to be part of and why friends have consistently raved about it.

That is not to say that sometimes people have not like one show or another, I think with any festival that is bound to be the case, but to date with the 3 shows that I have experienced I have nothing but praise for them, the settings, the place, the pre event staff and how each of the areas that I have been to have been laid out!

2 of the shows that I attended were at the Pleasure Garden (Russell Square in Northbridge) and the other one was in the Perth Cultural Centre and both of these locations have been wonderfully transformed into amazing spaces that offer not just venues to attend the show you have tickets for but also the chance to buy a drink or two before the show, get some food or just people watch.

The Pleasure Garden is my favourite scene as it is like a small village filled with some nice food choices, performances to take in for free and then the show that you have booked for.  The feeling at the Pleasure Garden is relaxed, fun and safe.  The people are relaxed and enjoying the festive atmosphere that has been created from the Chinese lanterns that add an ethereal glow over the space to that laid back ambience.

The staff, whether it is the security at the entrance to the tickets collectors for the show you are about to see are so friendly and welcoming it is such a nice change from the sometimes surly people who you can come across when attending events.  You really feel welcomed and that they are pleased you dropped by to part take in the Festival.

Our entrée to Fringe World began with Titty Bar ha-ha and what an entrée it was.  This was an evening that transported us back to an underground club in London in the middle of the second world war, where 2 decadent women entertain and share the ups and downs of their lives to date with song, dance, comedy and audience participation.  All of which are done to great effect and had the audience in fits of laughter.  It was fun, decadent, silly, a bit naughty and highly entertaining.

Lords of Strut is on in the Spiegletent in the Perth Cultural Centre and from the minute you line up outside the doors you are engaged by the friendly staff and then one of the two brothers pops out and chats as you wait to enter and begins to set the scene for what promised to be a funny performance filled with dance, music and more!  This is a return for the Lords of Strut to Fringe World and the show this time is all about two brothers bringing their very own styling and dance interpretation to the fore.  Mixed with some fabulous acrobatics and some very funny irreverent stories about family along the way this show was great fun.  Added to the mix was their very funny take on product placement throughout the show and their attempt to sell a range of men’s grooming products at times when you were least expecting which all added to the show .


The Irish Lords of Strut – brothers in arms!

Finally last night was a visit back to the Pleasure Garden to see Briefs – the second coming.  This troupe from Queensland have been at Fringe world twice before and this time had some new additions to the troupe and had created a whole new burlesque/cabaret that was entertaining, camp, off the wall and had some unexpected elements that to share would spoil the surprise for you if you head into to see them over the next week.  Tipping the burlesque notion of pretty women on the head by replacing them with very talented pretty boys kept the audience buzzed (there was even a bit of nudity that was not expected) and laughing all the way through the show.  This was high drag, acrobatics and burlesque all done to great effect.   I think the thing that I really liked about this show, besides the very attractive eye candy, was that they got the mix of performances right…with drag then followed by an acrobatic number followed by some comedy, some audience interaction and not knowing what was coming up next all added to a great night out!

Briefs the second coming

The talented troupe of Briefs in all their glory!

So week one is over and next week I am heading of to just 1 show for next week and will duly let you know my thoughts…if you are in Perth and you are looking for something to do in the coming evenings then I would highly recommend a trip into the Fringe World Festival to see the shows listed above or one of the many others that are on offer…it is not an expensive night out and you might discover some amazing talent and have a great night out…I know that so far I certainly have!

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