Shoes, shoes and more pre-autumn 2014 shoe styles – modern with an 80’s twist!

Well if you have read my blog for any length of time you will know that I have a love of shoes in all their different shapes, colours and distinctions.  Shoes are one of those things that do not change for each of us…when we reach adult hood our shoe size remains the same unlike our waist size that can fluctuate up or down!  Each season sees a range of great new options come into the market place to give plenty of choice and the upcoming ranges certainly do not disappoint.

I am not just a fan of imaginative men’s shoes, but also love women’s shoes that are different, interesting and add something of a fashion statement to complete an outfit and enhance what is going on with the gown, suit or even the more casual looks.  Sometimes a simple black heel is all that is necessary and would take something away from the rest of the outfit but the beauty of footwear for women is the ability to have some wonderful colour, shapes and designs to balance and add to a complete look!


Ivy Kirznher Pre-Autumn 2014


Jimmy Choo Pre-Autumn 2014


Jason Wu Pre-Autumn 2014


Alexander Wang Pre-Autumn 2014


Chanel Pre- Autumn 2014

Flats are certainly on the way back for women, who are all too tired of stumbling along and trying to stay glamorous in their approach but there are still a number of well-heeled options on the market and that are on the way that are stylish and more walkable in their design to compliment or add to an ensemble.

The new ranges of pre-autumn styles that are just coming into the international market place by designers such as Jimmy Choo, Jason Wu, Emporio-Armani, Alexander Wang, Chanel and Kenzo all hark back to the 80’s for some of their inspiration.  These women’s designs are more muted in their colour palette but each have a distinct design edge that add something quirky and fun to what would otherwise be  a sedate offering.  With black, white and grey featuring with splashes of colour just to give points of difference and the odd Cuban heel featuring any of these would be great additions to the autumnal wardrobe.

 christopher-kane02Christopher Kane Pre-Autumn 2014


Emporio Armani Pre-Autumn 2014


Kenzo Pre-Autumn 2014


Loeffler Randall Pre-Autumn 2014


Rupert Sanderson Pre-Autumn 2014

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