A little me time – important to reconnect with who you are!

It is so easy in this full on world to find the time for some reflection, introspection and me time.  Getting caught up in work, family, hobbies and just life in general can create a lack of focus because we are always rushing on from one thing to another without really being able to take a breath.



There are many ways to stop and get that reflection time and to re-charge the batteries.  Each of us will have our own coping mechanisms and sometimes we need to be reminded to take that time to consider who we are, what is important in our lives and how we can move forward in a positive way to be better human beings.  One of those ways is to have some me time – a time when it is all about me and not about anyone else, a time to just sit and be with my own thoughts and feelings and to get some clarity to be able to move ahead.

In this fast paced life that we all seem to be part of these days this can be a real challenge but even just 5 minutes of personal time in your own space can make a huge difference to how you are feeling and to re focus on the important things in each of our lives.  It can be as simple as just sitting quietly in a room in a comfortable chair and allowing the thoughts and feelings of the day to be released.  Concentrating on breathing and feeling the tension and stress release!  This can bring a real sense of contentment and then allow for a re-focus on the rest of the day.


We often don’t even take those 5 minutes to do this and be in the moment and it is so important to our own self-care that we give ourselves permission to do that.  After all we want to be happy, content, loving people and to do that we need to look after ourselves first so we can be there for the people in our lives who also need our love, support and encouragement.  It is not easy to focus on this all the time and I find we often lose sight of what is important in our lives.

I think on this journey of mine, one of the many lessons that I have learnt is that I need to be responsible for my own actions and be responsible for taking the time to look after me.  This way I can recharge my batteries and give myself the focus on the things that are really important in my life.  So often these days we are asked to give more and more to our careers and sometimes this comes at the detriment of our personal relationships.  What are the things in life that are really important at the end of the day?

I know I do not want to get to the end of my life and be asking myself what I have achieved only to look back at my career with any sense of accomplishment but not be able to  look at having had a successful relationship, strong friendships, good relationships with my children and grandchildren and done all the other things in life that I could have outside of work like travel, the theatre, eating at a great restaurant or even just sitting on the beach watching the waves break on the shore with any sense of happiness and that is something that I am not ready to give up on.  I want to be able to reflect at the end of my life and see all those things as having been as successful as I have been able to make them and that those in my life feel the same.


It is a balancing act that takes a bit of work but when you do it then you are able to give more of yourself to every aspect of your life.  It is nice to see these days that we are all finally working on getting the work life balance right and realising that to be more complete and happy human beings then we have to have that balance.  So start today and find at least 5  minutes to just have some ‘me’ time you will find that it can make all the difference, I know it does for me!

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