Estia in Inglewood a tasty Greek delight!

And so to Estia we headed, a group of 8 old friends for a Greek dinner experience and that it was.  My last experience with Estia was a lunchtime visit when it was fairly light on in terms of customers but last night the restaurant was almost full and the feeling and vibe were fantastic!

When you head out with a group of people it is sometimes hard to find somewhere that is open enough for the conversation to flow freely without having to worry too much about other diners and Estia works well as it is a large open restaurant and there was lots of ambient noise happening so meant that we could all chat and relate with each other without making too much of a disturbance in the restaurant .

Blue rules in Estia with walls and the feeling that you have entered into a Greek Tavern or for me reminded me of one of the local Greek restaurants I used to head to when I was living in Melbourne and it felt warm and inviting from the beginning.

The staff was attentive without being over zealous, thank goodness really, because if you read my earlier post you will know that some on the table do not enjoy being over served when dining!  The wait staff were busy all night but always cleared away dishes when each course was finished and only once did we have to ask for more water for the table.

The food on offer here is all classic Greek cuisine which is well presented and served wonderfully.  We decided to order 3 Mezathakia dishes to share on the table as the first course and chose the soft shell crab served with semidried tomato aioli and white anchovies and with that we also ordered Dolmathes, a combination of lamb mince, rice, pine nuts and sultanas wrapped in vine leaves and served with Greek yoghurt and the deep-fried squid served with Ouzo aioli and crispy capers.

Each of these dishes were delightful in their own way and offered fresh clean tastes but for me the Dolmathes, which were freshly hand-made were just exquisite.  They were served warm and the melding of the lamb mince with the rice, pine nuts and sultanas joined to create an intense taste that was just superb.


The Dolmathes – a real taste treat!


The Soft-shelled crab was full of flavour!


 The fried squid was light and tasty and served with a home-made aioli!

Not to take away from the other 2 dishes which were also lovely but the wonderful tastes of the Dolmathes shone through for me!

We all ordered individual main courses, we had contemplated doing it the Greek way and ordering the Meze Platters which are served on large platters and enjoyed by the table but decided to go with our own choices for main course.  I chose the slow roasted pork belly served with warm potatoes, artichoke, broad bean, lemon salad with caramelized pears and others on the table chose barramundi served with hand cut chips and served with a green salad, traditional spanakopita that was served with rocket salad and tzatziki, mousaka – lamb, nutmeg, coriander, tomato layered with potato, eggplant, zucchini and baked with béchamel sauce and the last main course chosen was the  arni tou fourno which was roast lamb on the bone, fennel seed, rigani and lemon with Greek salad and potato lemonates.


Beautifully presented and tasty grilled barramundi!

Every one enjoyed their main courses and the combinations of meat and the accompanying side dishes, whether it was a traditional Greek salad or warm potatoes each complimented the dish perfectly to create a distinct balance for each meal.  My slow roasted pork belly was cooked to perfection.  The pork was tender, succulent, tasty and immensely satisfying.  The tastes merged to create the most amazing main course and a real highlight for me when I look back at the meals that I have enjoyed over the past few months.  It really was a delight and memorable and the serving size was fantastic!  I really feel like I could sit back and enjoy a fantastic piece of slow roasted pork and savour every bite without getting to the end and wanting more which sometimes happens with pork belly.


The amazing slow roasted pork belly – words fail me on how delightful this was!

The spanakopita the Trevor had for his main course was also cooked perfectly and it was hot, perfectly balanced and tasty. All of these combined to make a delicious main course offering.  The mousaka was hearty, filling and again cooked perfectly and presented in an individual ramekin and both of the guys with us who had it really enjoyed the flavours and tastes on offer with this dish.


Traditional spanakopita – just the way it should be served and a taste delight!

All of the dishes were well presented and the portion sizes were plentiful.  We all walked away knowing that we had a great meal and were all satisfied with what we had eaten without needing dessert to finish the meal.  So if you are a small eater perhaps getting a couple of small meza plates to share would suffice but if you want a good-sized meal then you will not be disappointed and you will enjoy the fusion of tastes on offer and not go home hungry…!

Estia Cafe Restaurant
836 Beaufort Street
Inglewood, Perth WA 6052
Phone: (08) 9371 5585

Opening Hours
Monday Closed
Tuesday 5pm – Till late
Wednesday 11am-3pm/5pm-Till late
Thursday 11am-3pm/5pm-Till late
Friday 11am-3pm/5pm-Till late
Saturday 8am – Till late
Sunday 8 am – Till late

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