Tomas Ford – Electric Cabaret – an eclectic cabaret!

Here we go back into the Fringe World Festival for another show to fill the senses with wonder and awe!  One of the things that I love about Fringe World is not necessarily knowing what to expect when heading into to see a show and then being surprised by what you encounter once you take your seat and buckle up for the ride.  I love that there are so many and varied options on offer at Fringe and there really is something for everyone.

That was the case for us when we headed to Tomas Ford Electric Cabaret, sure we had read the brief in the Fringe World Programme but really were not sure what to expect.  The performance took place in the Tina Arena at the Piccadilly Theatre in the centre of the city.  This is a great venue for all sorts of reasons – brings back memories of seeing film festivals there in the past, and it has some great various sized theatres that offer interesting alternative spaces for a range of different performance types.

We entered into a high tiered movie theatre space and took our seats and then our came the maestro to take us on an eclectic, electric and at times manic cabaret journey through the last year of his life and some of the different people and experiences that he had encountered.  All the music and lyrics were his own (except for 1 cover of a Radiohead song done in a unique way) and this was not one of those sit back and relax type shows it was more hands on and audience participation.


The madness of Tomas Ford shines through in his electric cabaret!

From the beginning Tomas was in your face, climbing over seats to make a point in a song, getting members of the audience to hold his spotlight torches because he could not afford full lighting and sitting on people’s laps to make a point about a past encounter with someone in his life that had caused him some trouble and which was perfect fodder for a deliciously funny electric cabaret tune.  We were clapping at one stage with one tune, then swaying our arms from side to side, then holding a spot light, having him show the guy next to me how he had fake slapped someone and then been sued and then all asked to stand up and catch him because he wanted to crowd surf!

It really was all quite manic and fast paced and even when the sound went and the computer stopped (all part of the show!) it all added to the chaos and performance that had many shaking their heads in wonder but ended with us all leaving the theatre with smiles on our faces and asking each other what it was we had just seen and experienced.

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