More from the catwalks of New York Fashion Week…the men take over!

Yesterday it was 2 of my favourite women’s wear designers that had shown their latest collections in New York and now it is time for me to talk about some of the menswear designers and the collections that they  presented in the past couple of days.

Autumn collections can be quite drab and dower in their offerings and when it comes to menswear it can be really quite boring looking at one well constructed coat after another heading down the catwalk.  Whilst they can be well made and tailored to perfection it can become a little pedestrian and as you know I love different and individual designs and search them out.  I really love forward thinking menswear designers who push the boundaries and are always looking for a fresh approach and to work with new structure and fabrics when putting their collections together.

One designer that has done just that with their Autumn collection is Billy Reid who  played with textures infusing a soft, cosy feel into his convincing  collection and continuing the experimentation with fabrics that defined his spring line up.

This collection  offered a range of outerwear options, from more utilitarian style, such as a camel alpaca button-front jacket, to deconstructed blanket coats that flowed and were delightful. He included a full macro hounds tooth jacket worn with a matching blanket and paired with a sporty blazer and pants to complete the look.









Another highlight was the impressive knits. A wool crewneck sweater in a cream, beige and blue herringbone motif, paired with a brushed plaid blanket coat and comfortable tweed trousers, as well as a hyper-chic black-and-white Sea Island over shirt, all made strong statements.  This was an impressive range and one that offered something for everyone from those wanting more conventional items to those of us who like to push the boundaries just a little with our clothing choices.





The designer takes a bow!

For their first runway show, Shimon and Ariel Ovadia of the label Ovadia & Sons , toned down the tailored look we have come to expect from them, instead drawing inspiration from the rock music they listened to growing up in New York.

There were some punk influences in the large leopard prints on pony hair, featured on the sleeves of a leather biker jacket, and buffalo plaid for shirts and jackets.  Athletic influences then came in the form of a vibrant silver coated-leather bomber and a nylon hooded anorak layered under a tailored topcoat to complete a new classic autumn look.






This story was not all casual and for the more dressed-up pieces, they included textured turtlenecks and silk-and-cashmere crewnecks worn with blazers. With the addition of fur-trimmed hoods and lapels there was an added chic, rich  touch to the strong outerwear. This modern collection proved that the Ovadia brothers have what it takes to be a major player in the ever crowded menswear landscape.






The talented Ovadia brothers take a bow!

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