New York Fashion Week Autumn 2014 – more from the menswear shows!

Today it was all about whimsy, sporty fun when it came to a number of the menswear shows at New York Fashion Week! There was plenty to be excited about and lots of designers that are not following trends but creating their own.  I always love to see designers who stay true to their own vision and are not led by what else is happening out in the marketplace.  This often can be disastrous but not today these three designers all had visions that worked well and their collections will be seen, admired and bought by many.

As with anything fashion, taste is a very personal thing and sometimes it is only young fashion savvy men that will take chances with new looks and ideas that get presented on the catwalk but each of the following designers have pieces in their collections that appeal to a range of ages.  These are ranges that are more casual than dress up and more fun than some of the more established labels have tended to be this week.

It was game on for Jeremy Scott  who got sporty and just a little whimsical for autumn with cool riffs on athletics for men. From fuzzy jersey-style sweaters to , Scott’s interpretations were fun to watch. Especially amusing were his sneakers that he showed as part of his ongoing collaboration with Adidas.  This was a bold and colourful collection and not for the wall flowers among us but men ready to make a statement with their casual clothing.






Bold fresh and fun!

The pants were fun and imaginative in terms of the patterning with a variety of fabrics used to create some really interesting fresh looks and to give a new take to the athletic story he was telling.  Never afraid to use colour this was bold, strong and keenly skewed to a younger crowd.  The long jacket with matching pants that were laced up the front with buckles and matching high top sneakers certainly made a statement!  This bold, sassy collection had much to offer and will find its place in the market for those looking for something new, interesting and with a touch of whimsy added to take the fun quota just a little higher.






Jeremy Scott presented a range that was athletic and true to his vision!

Another designer necessarily paying attention to trends, Libertine’s  Johnson Hartig has always marched to the beat of his own drum and kept true to his own vision. This collection led him to a bedazzled typographic world where words such as “like” and “butterfly” appeared on everything from coats to sweatshirts. This was a collection that screamed for attention and fused sweats and knits with distinct patches and skull and cross bone motifs to great effect.







Libertine re imagines contemporary menswear!

Added to this were the shorts cut just above the knee and some imaginative patterning on some jackets and pants that almost looked hand painted. The long camel coat with white patterning was a great effect and should be one of the pieces that is popular for the upcoming Autumn season.  Preppy meets casual in its approach this offered a fusion of styles and colours to great effect







A clever use of patterns and fabrics combine to make a wearable collection!

Mark McNairy’s  New Amsterdam  label has a masterful ability to take some of those preppy staples that are popular and turn them on their head by giving them a modern street wear edge. He did it again with this collection with varsity jackets reinterpreted in English checks with shirt-tail bottoms, contrasting sleeves and cargo pin-striped sweatpants worn with monogrammed lamb’s wool cardigans and adding to that a top coat to great effect.






Preppy with a modern twist from Mark McNairy!

McNairy’s design brilliance shone through with playful camouflage prints featured throughout the collection on trenches, pants and even a show-stopping fur coat.  This was another playful, fun and incredibly wearable collection from McNairy.  This is a collection that will further cement his reputation among men who like their clothes wearable but with a twist.






So there you have it three designers who have each created bold, imaginative collections for today and tomorrow.  They were all fun, fresh and interesting to see and compared to the recent Milan, Paris and London shows this upped the more street/casual collections that we have seen for quite a while.

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