Now to Milan for RTW Autumn 2014 with some Italian flair!

Well good-bye London and hello Italy and the catwalk in Milan for the Ready to Wear Autumn 2014 collections.  Another week and another series of shows to see which way the trends for the Autumn 2014 season are heading and to also see those very definite points of difference between what is presented in New York, London and now Milan.  With a heavy bohemian influence coming through in London it is interesting to see the direction that Milan will take as they take centre stage and present their collections.

I do love to watch as trends develop and how these will play out in an Australian context as I have mentioned earlier some of the Autumn collections would find it hard to have an impact greatly here in Perth, Western Australia as our climate is much too temperate and warm to be able to deal with some of the clothes.  They would however in a pinch work for us more as winter ranges.  I so love seeing some of the beautiful jackets and coats that get presented and from a style and fashion perspective they are stunning but from a practical perspective here in Perth they are more problematic as we just do not get cold enough to warrant wearing them.

And so to Milan and to start with the Gucci show  Frida Giannini offers a   re evaluation of direction for Gucci with this collection, with  a smart, trend setting,  savvy collection.

This was all about real clothes that deliver functional chic — and, of course, a hefty dose of the essential house glamour that we have come to expect from Gucci and this was served up here.






Giannini obliged with a strong line up rooted in sportswear and infused with a Sixties vibe, similar to what was seen in some of the recent London shows and with the inclusion of some half shaded sunglasses to give it that 60’s European feel. This translated into updates on the crisp, precise shapes of that era softened in Giannini’s palette of strong pastels with pinks and beiges; dusty blues and greens. The jackets and pants tended to lean more towards a mannish, lean tailoring, often contrasting their lines with inviting outerwear in flowing, colourful incarnations.  A frothy mass of curly blue shearling worn over slim pants was shown to great effect.




Dresses and coats had the clean shapes while expressing the more feminine side of the collection. These often incorporated soft leather, whether as the bodice of a silk skirted dress or as part of a pink wool coat. As for accessories, the newly unstructured bags were sometimes matched to the clothes, again to great effect. And it was all worn with sensible-heel, riding boots.







Evening wear not for the red carpet but gorgeous in its execution!

The evening section proved  a surprise with no obvious red carpet dresses in sight.  Giannini offered a series of short, structured dresses including several in leather, their bodices decorated with bold encrustations of crystals and some cut outs.  The Gucci woman may be relaxed for autumn, but there was a definite edge to what was on offer here and it all worked incredibly well.

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