The cruise continues…

Well this will just be a quick update as we are on dry land after two sea days and sitting in Starbucks in Pattaya getting wifi that does not cost a fortune…no pic to attach because my phone is not connected…and that is another story…you know when you think you have everything sorted out and then you get a new phone just before you leave the country with a new carriers and then forget to get international roaming put on…and then take lots of photos on your phone only to realise you cannot download them to share…

But putting that aside we have had some great days on the ship and met some fabulous new friends who we are having a great time with and also doing some fun on board activities and when I have more time – heading shopping…I will fill you in on more…one of the on board highlights has been our dinner last night at the signature restaurant QSine…stunning and amazing…more on that later…

Oh and we now have after five days got our drinks package issue sorted out so when we get back to the ship this afternoon you will find us perched at the martini bar where we seem to have set up residence every night with most of the other Pied Piper crew before we head to dinner…daily cocktails and great conversations with guys from the US, Melbourne! Holland and further a field….

So off to the shops, a massage, more shops and seeing Pattaya before we head back to the ship and hit the bar…we are in port for two days and then head off tomorrow evening for Vietnam…hopefully with some more internet and when I have time I will fill you in on the QSine dining and other adventures we have been having, including Rodney winning a pearl necklace in a raffle draw on board…but that is a whole other story…


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