Who decides what is on trend and what is not – isn’t style a personal choice!

If you have ready any of my previous postings you will know that I have a fashion style that is all my own and I am very proud to say that I love to explore and experiment with clothing that I want to wear.  I have always found it a challenge as a man to have the same sort of freedom that women have in terms of clothing options.  After all there is only so much you can do with a pair of pants and a top but I have always sought out things that perhaps at times pushed the boundaries and since losing lots of weight 10 years ago I could for the first time really wear clothes that I wanted to with some confidence and fell comfortable with my choices.

Perth is a very conservative town when it comes to men’s clothing and so I very often have to wait til I go interstate,  overseas or shop online to be able to get pieces to add to my wardrobe that are more than just a buttoned shirt, tshirt or plain pair of pants.  Don’t get me wrong I have those in my wardrobe too but I do like to find things that are less dependant on strict structure and have an edge to them.  I seek out designers that do things that are not the same as every one else,  and I don’t mean just producing a t shirt with a different pattern or a shirt with French cuffs but designers that create menswear that is tailored but also has some deconstruction attached to it or flows, has a high collar, creates a different feeling when you put it on and plays with fabrics, colour and form.

There are some truly inspirational menswear designers out there who do this really well and create looks each season that do not follow anyone else’s lead and they create and stay true to their own vision.  I have always been a big fan of Dries Van Notten www.driesvannoten.com , Jeremy Scott http://www.jeremyscott.com , Libertine http://www.ilovelibertine.com, Thom Browne http://www.thombrowne.com and locally love Zsadar www.zsadar.com and when it comes for finding a local stockist for some of more interesting menswear options I head to Dilettante http://www.dilettante.net.

This can be hard at times because as a designer you have to of course sell what you create and if you are really left of centre you might find that the creation of your latest collection has been a fantastic creative journey but if that does not translate to sales then you might not find yourself doing any more designing!  This fine line between creativity and commerciality is a tough one and that is why I think it is hard to find the more interesting menswear here in Perth.  Being such a conservative town when it comes to men’s clothing options it is tough to find stores that offer a wide range of options and again I understand why, they probably would not sell lots and to be able to get them in would probably cost them and that would translate to high costs for the customers.










Some of my favourites from the recent Autumn Winter shows!

When you look at the various fashion weeks around the world you see the people that report on them, whether that is online or in magazines frequently talking about what is on trend and trending currently and what we can look forward to wearing for the coming seasons.  Sometimes it does seem when you reflect on recent Milan and London fashion weeks that there were trends that seemed to be coming to the for such as more flat shoes for women as apposed to the high stilts from the previous seasons ranges and there also seemed to be much more colour coming through for men in terms of the knits and shirting that was being shown.  It is almost like the designers all got together and had a chat to decide which way to move forward collectively.  Hemlines go up and go down, heels on shoes go up and come down and colour comes and goes but in the end I think what really works best is to decide for yourself what you would like to wear and what is on trend for you.

After all we each have our own body types, shapes and sizes and very few of us look like any of the models walking down the runway showing off the latest collections.  With all the various shapes and sizes that are out there we all need to play around with our own looks and to decide what works for our own body type.  It is all too easy, and I have seen it recently during the summer months here in Perth, when something is stocked in all the stores and everyone wants to wear it, when people who really should think again about putting something on proudly walk down the street in it but it really does not suit their body type.  A perfect example is the very short shorts that seem to have been everywhere over the past few months…these are not something that every woman can pull off and it is really important when purchasing clothing that you try them on and see how the fit and feel it but take a long hard look in the mirror to decide if it really suits your body type or not!

Trends need to be an individual choice and yes we can be limited by what is being stocked in our favourite stores but it is also about seeking out things that are going to work for us.  Being uncomfortable in clothes is not a good look, you exude that to all who see you and so it is important to feel confident and in control of what you are wearing.  One of the reasons why I search locally, interstate, overseas and online is to find the things that I like the look of and want to wear but the types of things that go with my own personal style and how I want to project myself into the world.  And as I have my own style I do sometimes get strange looks from some people but I always pick the types of clothes that I want to wear, that I think suit my body type and I am comfortable wearing and thus create my own style and trends.


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