The search for the perfect Scarborough breakfast continues!

As someone who loves to head out on a Saturday and Sunday and partake in a great breakfast along with some really good coffee I am always on the hunt for new places to try out and support.  It seems in Scarborough that every week at the moment there is a new café or restaurant opening, which is good news for us locals.  All along Scarborough beach road there seems to be new development happening and new little spaces popping up and then when you head into the more local streets like Brighton Road you find even more options like Hardware Store Café & Eatery which we headed to on Saturday morning.

If you have been reading my posts over the past few months you will know of my love for Boho Espresso near the beach in Scarborough and how much we enjoy having breakfast there on the weekend. They offer the whole package in terms of service, food on offer, great coffee and they have free wifi as well, which is a bug bear of mine as in this day and age any new business that is starting up should offer this as part of what they include for their patrons.  We are after all in an era when we all have phones, tablets etc and the need to connect is a necessary thing regularly not just for work but for pleasure.


Hardware Café in Brighton Road




The fun and quirky interior that reminds you that this used to be a Hardware store!

And so we headed into Hardware and got a table and settled in to have a look at the menu and what was on offer.  This offers the usual breakfast fare and set in the old Brighton Road Hardware store (hence the name and its unique approach to the interiors which is fun and quirky) it is a great location and the feeling in the café is really relaxed and laid back.  The menu is quite extensive for breakfast and should keep locals and those wandering into Scarborough happy with the choices they have.  Getting a breakfast menu right is not really rocket science and there are the staples that you need to have to keep most patrons happy – eggs done a number of ways, full cooked breakfast, pastries, muffins muesli, fruit salad, toast and then you can veer off to offering frittatas and other varied options to just give your menu a point of difference compared to other places in the area.  Hardware offered all of these things and so after much contemplation we went with our usual of poached eggs with toast and  side of mushrooms which would give me the chance to really compare all of the other places in the area that we had been trying.

If I had gone against my usual, how could I be fair and compare offerings.  Of course to go with that we ordered coffee and after settling back in our seats after ordering at the counter we realised we had not checked about wifi.  Our iPads did register that wifi was available and so we duly asked for the password only to be told that they do not offer wifi to their patrons…mmmm one strike against this place for us…so we settled back and waited for our breakfast to arrive before getting too disappointed.

The coffee arrived fairly quickly and it was perfect in its temperature and the taste was great!  Then the eggs, toast and mushrooms arrived and they too were presented really well and the eggs were cooked perfectly, although the mushrooms were luke warm.  I would have preferred for the mushrooms to be much hotter but that is just a minor quibble because the rest of the dish was well prepared and tasty.




Perfectly cooked eggs!

Hardward opens at 6.30 for coffee and starts serving breakfast at 7 and so fits in with us early risers really well.  By the time we had finished our breakfast the place was filling fast. Besides the wifi issue everything else really was good and also on comparison of prices it was a few dollars cheaper than the other cafes we had been going to in Scarborough.  After leaving we chatted about it and decided that we would now be splitting our weekend breakfasts between my favourite Boho Espresso and Hardware, well until somewhere else opens up and we just have to try it so that we can let you know what else is on offer in the area.

All in all Hardware was a good breakfast that is value for money and the range on offer is good and of course the coffee is great!

The Hardware Store Cafe & Eatery

117 Brighton Rd
Scarborough WA 6019

Open 7 Days: 6.30 am – 4.30pm


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