MBFW – Aurelio Costarella defines style once again…

I have been fortunate in my years of being involved peripherally with fashion through STYLEAID to have been part of and seen many fashion parades but never had the good fortune to head to Sydney for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and so when the invitation to attend the Aurelio Costarella  “Solaire” show hit my in box and it coincided with me being in Sydney what could I possibly say but YES.





Designer spotting pre show!

So I ventured across on the Manly Ferry to Circular Quay ( staying at the Novotel for a conference) and then boarded the train to Redfern and wandered down the streets until I came to the Carriageworks, an amazing space for MBFW. Down the steps I strode and passed the waiting photographers to claim my ticket and wander around the pre parade area.

Lavazza coffee, San Pelligrino, Swarovski jewellery and a car or two made for a site along with the Sydney fashionistas all waiting for the doors to open and striking poses to see and be seen pre parade.




Pre parade preparations!

It was so nice to be amongst a crowd who really got into the idea of fashion, were proud to wear what they wanted to suit their own style and unlike what is sometimes seen at home this was a really amazing crowd to watch and be a part of.

If you have read any of my previous posts you will know my feeling about men in Perth and their lack of imagination with fashion, well here in Sydney there was none of that – marching to their own drum and strutting like the proud peacocks that they are this was a delight.

And then it was time to take my seat and get ready to see the Aurelio Costarella Spring 14/15 collection. This collection was inspired by the work of photographer Man Ray and the eclectic style of his muses Kiki de Montparnasse, Tamara de Lempika, Nancy Cunard, Lee Miller and Juliette.

This was a contemporary interpretation of 1920’s/30’s Parisienne silhouettes with a vibrant multi textured collection that inspired and was visionary from the entrance of the first model onto the catwalk up until the very last!

This was a strong collection that once again revelled in the beauty and delicate features and shapes of a woman to great effect. It flowed and floated and enchanted in its lush decadence. And then there was the colour!





It was wonderful to see such a strong colour palette hit the catwalk and the embellishments, ostrich feathers, belts and jewellery all added to a sensational catwalk show.

Bold pinks, oranges, blues, greens all added to a complete show that also included stark whites and blacks and the exquisite tailoring that is a staple of any Aurelio Costarella show.








Bold, imaginative and stylised perfection!

The audience was enthralled and this collection was just sensational from beginning to end. It was all the elements that came together to create an unforgettable experience – a soundtrack mixed by Aarom Wilson, pre show music by Kucka and motion graphics mixed by Justin Griffiths added to the hair under the direction of Lee Preston with stunning colour highlights created by Liam Baxter, make up direction by James Molloy for M.A.C featuring theatrical faces incorporating Swarovski elements and then of course there was the show production from Paul O’Connor.

I am so pleased that I just happened to be in Sydney to be here and be part of this wonderful show of the Spring collection by the master Aurelio Costarella.


Below are shots from the show, pre show and the waiting Sydney fashionistas!

           20140407-173707.jpg 20140407-173728.jpg 20140407-173737.jpg 20140407-173754.jpg 20140407-173801.jpg 20140407-173810.jpg 20140407-173817.jpg 20140407-173824.jpg       Aurelio takes a bow!

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