GBS – the journey continues

Well as I sit in my room at Shenton Park Rehab and have some rare time off I thought it was a good time, in between bouts of exhaustion which still creep up on me to start sharing with you my journey that started on the Wednesday before Easter.

I had been experiencing tingling in my hands, fingers, toes and feet for a day or two but did not pay much attention and then on the Wednesday morning I was feeling like the tingling was spreading and was not feeling real good. I headed to a local GP practice that i knew I would get an appointment at and promptly arrived and saw the Doctor who seemed stumped but checked my blood pressure and found it as really high. She asked me to monitor my blood pressure over the next couple of days and if it continued to be high then she gave me a pill to start to taking.

In the meantime Trevor came home from work and took one look at me and noticed that i seemed to have a slight droop in my face and he straight away thought that I had had a stroke and insisted that we go to Charlies Emergency Department and get them to have a look and see if they had any idea what was going on.

So in we headed and the team in ED were great and attentive and after Xrays, CT scans and MRI’s they decided to admit me to try and work out what was wrong. Up to a ward I went and more tests followed. The next day the nuerology team came up and asked if they could do a lumber puncture to see if they could get a firm diagnosis.

The registrar decided that she would let the resident do the LP and so they went through what was going to happen and the risks involved. I agreed and assumed the position on my side and we began. It was soon apparent that it was not working and after consulting the registrar they decided to have another go but this time with me sitting up. So change positions I did and we began again and once again he could not get any fluid and by that stage i had enough and would not let them do another.’

At this stage the head of department arrived and after some discussion they decided I should go home and keep an eye on things as they were not sure what it could be, although the head of department did mouth “it could be GBS” to the registrar. So i got ready to leave the hospital and when I was transferred to a wheel chair and taken down to the car but had trouble standing but thought nothing of it but in retrospect perhaps I should have stayed but being ever the optimist I thought it would just go away….oh how wrong was I…

So the first chapter concludes and the next will follow in a couple of days…


One thought on “GBS – the journey continues

  1. Shows how little experience anyone has with GBS. Looking forward to the whole story. You are an inspiration Mark to all those people who sit on their butt and whinge, no that’s wrong you are an inspiration to everyone. xxxxx

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