The next chapter back to hospital with GBS

So if you read my last post it all ended with me heading home with a range of symptoms to watch to see if they get worse and if so to head back to the hospital…well as you can guess after 1 night at home and waking up early after the second night and not being able to walk that back to the hospital we needed to head.

Trevor called the ambulance and 15 minutes later at about 5 in the morning the ambulance arrived and with the size of our stairs and after doing my vitals and looking at my abilities there was no way to get the stretcher upstairs to bring me down and so with some help I skidded down on my bum to then get onto the stretcher and be transferred to the ambulance.

Back into the emergency department and some more tests and being asked 5 times to have another lumber puncture I was moved onto the ward for neurological issues. and the discussions began on giving me a diagnosis and then treating me. discussion on lumber punctures continued and I of course would not agree to it. MY health deteriorated and I found myself with no ability to move my legs, feet, arms and my breathing started to deteriorate fast. I was being monitored hourly because if my breathing output went below 2 I would need to look at being taken to Intensive care and either be ventilated or have a tracheostomy inserted in my throat to allow me to breath,

I also had discussion with the doctors about what testament options I had to discuss and think about. There are two options for GBS treatment Intagram infusions or plasma treatment when they take all the plasma in your body and replace it with a synthetic one.

It was decided that for me because I had such a severe onset of GBS then they would try both treatments and see if they would get rid of the GBS. The first port of call was the Intagram which is infused into your system and takes about three hours to complete,the next day it was time for the plasma but before then I was whisked up to the operating suite to have a b line inserted into my groin so that there was a direct artery for the plasma to come in and out of. this was all done with a local anisthetic and after about an hour I was back in my room.

And then after watching my breathing start to get worse it fell below 2 and the decision was made to transfer me up to the Intensive Care Unit and look at which option would be best. this was the point in my time in hospital when I realised that there really was something happening and I did have a flash of anxiousness and fear with not knowing what lay ahead and if my lungs were crashing then what would be next. I was also hopeful though that with treatment starting perhaps we could slow this down and reverse what had happened to date.

After discussion with the ICU doctors it was decided that for best results a tracheostomy was needed and so under a general anaesthetic I went and woke up with the tracheostomy in place and no ability to talk and the prospect of some days in ICU…oh and it seemed they found when they went into my lungs that I had pneumonia so it was lucky that they did what they did when they did it.

And so the journey to a couple of weeks living with a tracheostomy began…

Next few days will be all about treatment and the road to recovery!!!!



One thought on “The next chapter back to hospital with GBS

  1. Oh Mark you look so unhappy with all of this out of your control. But preserver you did and survive you did. What an amazing story and you are still here to tell it. Thank you for sharing. Many of us gain inspiration from it. Thank you.

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