The Butterworth – a dining delight!

My sister-in-law hit town for a visit and had just celebrated another birthday so we thought it would be nice to take her out to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate the passing of yet another year and so off to the Butterworth we headed!

I have been a fan since we had our first meal there just over a year ago and when we are looking for an evening for good food, good wine and great service then this is one of the places we head to!  There has been a change in head chef since our last visit but this has not diminished the quality of the food served and from the first course to the last we were not disappointed.

From the moment we arrived we were warmly welcomed and shown to our table and handed the menus for the night.  One of the things I love about this restaurant and a couple of others that we have been too a few times is handing the meal decisions over to the kitchen for the night and then just sitting back and enjoying the surprise as each course comes out.  I love to see what the chef sends out as it usually gives a great choice of what the menu has to offer and this time was no different.

As there was three of us for dinner we all agreed that this would be a great way for Nola to experience a range of the food that was on offer by all of us sharing each course when it arrived at the table.  We were not to be disappointed!

We started with an amuse bouche which was the pork belly served with pork crackle and it really got our taste buds going and ready for the rest of the meal!  Served with glasses of Laurent Perrier Champagne it was the perfect start to the meal!

The tasting plate entrees to start with were varied and a delightful representation of what Head Chef Nick French is trying to do with the food here – there was the delicacy of the jamon serrano served with some lightly pickled vegetables that was perfect in every way.  Served alongside this was the baked ricotta and toast which was light and delicate on the palate, then there was the roast quail, quinoa and avocado salad  and then the pork belly served with pear chutney.  Both of these dishes were bursting with complex flavors yet still allowed for the quail and the pork belly to shine through.  We all agreed that each of these entrees were delightful and we all enjoyed each and every one of them.





We each had a glass of the 2011 Mandala Estate Cabernet Sauvignon which was a real winter treat to go with the above. Trevor chose to stay with this for the main course and I chose to move to a white and was served a glass of the 2013 Higher Plane South Southwest Semillon Sauvignon Blanc which I loved as it was crisp light and full of fruit and perfect for me and the main courses that were to follow.

The main courses were served with a flourish and did not disappoint – snapper served with kipfler potatoes, fennel and mandarin; lamb rump, ricotta gnocchi, peas and cured lamb belly  and the confit of duck leg served with canellini beans and kale. Now each of these had their very different flavors and impressed us all, even though of course each of us had our favorite dishes!

The snapper was absolutely divine with the subtlety of the fennel just creeping in the flavors and the mandarin added a wonderful sweet contrast.  The lamb rump was tender, juicy and a taste sensation that along with the gnocchi and the cured lamb belly impressed.  I have always been a fan of duck and as Nola commented sometimes duck can be a bit hit and miss and this time it was a real hit.  It was cooked perfectly and the flavors came to the fore from the very first mouthful and was not overshadowed by the very delicacy of the canellini beans and kale that accompanied it.

butter5 butter6 butter7

We had two sides arrive with the main course and enjoyed both the broccoli served with radiccio and almonds and the duck fat potatoes served with confit garlic.  They were both delightful and delicious and stood proudly along side the main courses but did not overshadow them!



Then it was time, after a nice break to enjoy the sweets and this is one course I always look forward to at the Butterworth and was worth the wait.  We opted for a glass of the 2011 Frogmore Creek Iced Riesling to go along with this course and it was just sweet enough without being over powering to really compliment the sweets that arrived.

We had the blackcurrant mousse with white chocolate snow; the salted caramel mousse with peanut dacquoise and the chocolate fondant served with coconut mousse and berry compote.  Now were to begin with these!  Each offered something wonderful for the completion of our meal and again we all had a dish that stood out for us but we all agreed that all three were full of subtle flavors and highlighted the talent of the chefs in the kitchen.

The blackcurrant mousse was refreshing, not too sweet and a delight; the salted caramel mousse had us all exclaiming about the wonderful taste combinations presented here and the chocolate fondant was rich and full of flavor…the perfect way to finish a wonderful meal.

As you can see I am a fan and if you are looking for a destination in Perth city to head to for an unforgettable meal then the Butterworth is the place to head to!

The Butterworth

Ground Floor, Exchange Plaza
Entry of Sherwood Court
Perth WA 6000

Ph: 6181 9100

Mon : 6am – 6pm – functions and larger bookings by appointment
Tue – Fri: 6am – Midnight
Sat – 5pm – Midnight
Sun and Pub Hols – closed. Functions and larger bookings by appointment

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