Sushi WAWA – the longest, freshest and best in WA!

Most days we roll down the road and head past IKEA on our way to work, shopping or visiting and have noticed the sign for Sushi WAWA and also heard from friends about how good the food was so on a cold and blustery Wednesday evening we headed down to try it for ourselves.

Located in one of the building adjacent to IKEA in Innaloo this is the ‘longest sushi train in the Southern Hemisphere” and it proved to be a great success in terms of the choice, the taste and the overall setting.

Welcomed with an exuberant smile from the staff we were seated by the train and started on our journey to some of the freshest sushi I have had!

wawa2 2

wawa 1

The train might be long but the quality of the sushi is first rate.  They also intermittently put on the hot dishes freshly made and being seated where we were ensured that we got the hot food straight away and were able to enjoy both the freshly made cold and hot dishes.

We also chose to order 2 dishes from the menu – the salmon and avocado salad and the agedashi tofu and both dishes were stunning.  The gorgeous fresh salmon and avocado with a mix of leaves and carrots and topped with a classic Japanese dressing was exquisite and the tofu was nestled in a aromatic and delicious miso that added another level to the dish.

wawa2 1

The sushi was all delightful and there are a myriad of options on offer but one of my favorites was the beetroot sushi that was so different and delicious that it just added another level to what I was used to having that it took me by surprise and I just loved it.


Mmmm – the beetroot sushi – delicious!


We both really enjoyed the meal and all the options on the sushi train as well as our ordered a la carte dishes and I would highly recommend a visit to Sushi WAWA when you are looking for fresh and delicious Japanese food!  Oh and it is so inexpensive too which is just another bonus that added to the night.


The results of a great dinner – empty plates!


My beloved after a great meal!

Sushi Wawa

8A Sunray Drive
Innaloo WA 6018

Next to Ikea, just off the freeway (exit Cedric Street)
Plenty of easy parking

Monday & Tuesday » 11am to 3pm
Wednesday to Sunday » 11am to 3pm & 5pm to 9pm

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