NOBU at Crown Perth a taste sensation from start to finish!

Now if you are a follower of my posts you will know that I have been busily working on STYLEAID over the past few weeks (the number 1 fashion fundraising event for the WA AIDS Council) and this has been taking up much of my creative time, as well as my writing time too so my posts have been a little ad hoc but now that the event is over I can get back to my writing on here and sharing my reviews of favourite restaurants and cafes, travel and of course my  love of all things fashion!

After the full on Friday night of managing STYLEAID I decided that we needed a treat and so we booked into Nobu at Crown Perth for dinner on Saturday night for some top class Japanese food, matched with superb service to create an unforgettable dining experience.  I had spent the day napping and relaxing post the event and so when it came time to head to dinner was ready to experience what Nobu had to offer, but first we decided to head to La Vie – the site of the VIP pre function for STYLEAID from the previous night so I could experience some French champagne before heading over to Nobu for dinner…


I have to say how nice it is to be remembered by staff and yes it was only the next night but we were warmly welcomed to La Vie and duly perused the menu before decided on a bottle of Billecart French Champagne to start our night ( I would have had Champagne Jacquart but it was not on the menu – I like to stay faithful to my sponsors after all, especially when the product is so yummy!) So we sat at the bar and enjoyed the service and the locale for some relaxing time out before heading over to Nobu.  This is such a relaxed and classy spot to enjoy some bubbles and chill before heading off to whatever your next destination at Crown is and each time I have been in there I have enjoyed it! (oh and I love the chandelier that hangs over the bar – so stunning!)

As we purchased a bottle of champagne we had the remainder taken over to Nobu ahead of us to enjoy with our meal and then made our way over ourselves.  The staff at Nobu were welcoming, friendly and extremely professional and we were whisked to our table and duly handed our menus to peruse.  One of the first things to jump out at me was the option to be charged a set amount and have a range of different dishes presented to you, taking the need to try and chose menu items out of your hands and into the hands of the chefs on the night.  There are 2 levels of this and we decided on the $150 per head Omakase Nobu Signature menu which encompasses the essence of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s Cuisine.  This was a perfect choice for us as I was still quite tired and having to not make any decisions at this stage was fantastic and it meant we got to experience a range of dishes that we perhaps would not have chosen for ourselves.



So over the course of the next hour and a half we had 6 fantastic dishes that each bought with them their own distinct flavours, presentation and distinct attributes that all combined to make a fantastic meal!  There was the Nobu style cerviche mixed seafood, Kinoko soba soup, Yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno, Hamachi Kama with Ponzi sauce and Pepper crusted sea bass with balsamic teriyaki.





Each of these dishes were not just delicious but superbly presented and each one added yet another element to the dining experience for both of us.  There was not one stand out dish which is unusual because there is normally one dish that I like above the others but I could not fault any of the dishes that we had and each one offered different tastes and complexities that to single one out as better than the others would do the others an injustice.  No disappointments at all and to go with that the service was first rate without being intrusive.

We finished the meal with the Miso Cappuccino which was a miso and milk chocolate crème, coffee chocolate crumble, vanilla ice cream that was topped with coffee foam.  This was layered into a coffee cup and it was suggested that we dig to the bottom so we could enjoy all of the flavours at the same time and thus experience it in the manner in which it was created.  I have never been a big chocolate and coffee dessert person but I really enjoyed the mixture of flavours combined here for this dessert and would highly recommend it.


This was the perfect night post a major event and it was the combination of great food, service, champagne and the ambience at La Vie and Nobu that made for a truly memorable evening for us both.

Crown Perth

Open Hours

Lunch Tuesday to Sunday
Dinner daily
Bar from 6pm daily


 08 9362 7551




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