My journey with GBS an update!

So it has now been just over 4 months since the drama all began and I was reminded by my gorgeous friend Penni Towner (who had been posting updates about her father’s recovery from a stroke) that I had not done an update on my progress over the past month or so.  A number of people have been asking how things have been going so I thought this was the perfect chance to fill you all in on my recovery to date!

After this week I will be returning to work full time once again (even though I had a return to full time work for the last 2 weeks in the lead up to STYLEAID but as any of you who know me know I could not have not been working full time for those last 2 weeks to make sure that STYLEAID was the success that it was!) after a few weeks of just working 4 day weeks in my gradual return to almost normal life.

That is not to say that there are still some issues that I am dealing with on a daily basis with regards to the Gillium Barre Syndrome.  I still take pain killers twice a day to deal with the continuing pain in my feet and that is slowly getting better but if I do forget a dose of the pain killer I soon remember to take it as it impacts the rest of my day.

I also still have some facial issues and my right side is still to return to 100% with my mouth still slightly off and when I get tired I still slur my words (which I seem to notice more than other people do) and I also still have issues with my right eye not closing properly yet.  I had an appointment at Royal Perth last week to see the eye specialist and they advised that I did not need to come back for 4 months this time instead of every 6 weeks, which is what I was doing but that in that time I still needed to tape my eye closed each night when I sleep.  This is to ensure that it stays lubricated and I do not get any issues arising from it being open and getting dry…so the taping will continue…it has now just become part of the night time ritual before sleep.

The only other thing that I am dealing with is exhaustion and tiredness which still creep up on me after a long day and so I have to be conscious still that when I get to that stage to take it easy and rest.  It is getting better every day and each day I am finding it easier to do the things in my life that I have always done.

I am back at the gym almost every day but still not at full training capacity because of the tiredness but am determined to get my fitness back to pre GBS levels soon…

So there you have my update on how things stand today.  I am blessed that this part of my life has not been a really long road like it is with other people I have heard about with GBS and I am so grateful that I am getting my life back to normal.

I have once again been reminded of the fragility of life and to live each day with gusto, determination, love, laughter and joy!  None of us ever know how long we have left in our lives and we need to celebrate each and every day!


A selfie from last week !

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