SAXONY – a fashion label ends its run in Australia

If you have been following my posts over the past year you will know that I have been a passionate supporter of men’s fashion in Australia and especially men’s fashion the pushes the boundaries in terms of style, cut, design and innovation.

One label that I have written about and which I have been a strong supporter of is the Sydney based label SAXONY. They have always been a strong design label that has blurred gender lines in each collection with draped looks, soft lines, strong tailoring and a colour pallet of black, white and grey.

My personal wardrobe is filled with about 45 pieces from the last three seasons of their collections and I have loved the evolution of the label. So it was so sad to receive an email from them at the end of last week announcing that for now they were shutting up shop and would no longer be producing for the Australian market and would be attempting to move into the European Market with the prospect of re entering the Australian market at a later date.

I suppose the warnings had been on the cards over the past couple of months with them gradually closing a number of their stand alone shops in both Sydney and Melbourne ( sadly they did not have a store in Perth and I was limited to purchasing online and on my trips east) but I was always hopeful that with the right support that the online side of the business would sustain them staying in the marketplace, but alas this was not to happen.

Anyone associated with fashion and retail at present will know how hard it is to survive in the current climate. It does not get easier and I suppose a label and brand that pushed the boundaries in terms of being ‘different’ in what it offered men for their fashion choices was doomed from an Australian perspective. I was just recently discussing the fact that we have over the past few years become and even more casual society when it come to fashion, especially for men and when you add to the mix a design style that is a little more cutting edge in its approach it was perhaps inevitable that it would perhaps struggle to find a strong market hold.

Last season I think they attempted to go a bit more mainstream in their range for men with a very suit based range that might have been seen as an attempt to get more market space, which could have been seen as a shift in focus. I am not sure how successful this was because the next range released was made up of looks that were on trend and made up of the familiar lines for SAXONY that those of us who loved the label had delighted in!

They were not just focussed on just men’s and women’s fashion either but worked with artists to create a range of in store installations to further support other forms of artistic expression. They were innovative and creative in all that they did and it is a pity that they were not able to survive.

But alas it was perhaps too late and now another great label has left our shores and it is my hope that they are able to come back and create more of the SAXONY magic again.

I for one will struggle to find a label here in Australia who will fill the gap as not many Australian menswear designers are so imaginative, creative and push the boundaries in gender blurring with their ranges but then many Australian men I know are not that adventurous either!





4 thoughts on “SAXONY – a fashion label ends its run in Australia

  1. Well said. I’d been wondering exactly what had happened after seeing the slow store closures, it’s sad to see the Saxony story end for now. It was an ambitious project, taking dark and drapey away from luxury, cerebral high fashion to the competitively priced high street. I have to wonder though whether this ultimately was its undoing. When design is lead by shape and silhouette, material becomes essential – and yet choosing pleather over leather, poly over wool allowed the brand to create its differentiator, price point. So interesting.

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