Lombok – a great place for a really relaxing break – the highs and lows of a hidden gem.

I have been meaning to find the time since my return from Lombok last week to get to putting down my thoughts on this trip and looking at a range of different aspects of it.  So you can look forward to some posts this week about a range of different parts of the holiday.

Today I want to start with a review of the accommodation that we chose and then in the coming days I will do a review of some of the amazing food that we had and some of the great restaurants that are now around the Senggigi area that we stayed in.

I will also do a post about some day trips, hiring motorbikes and spa treatments!

This trip came about because earlier this year Jetstar had an amazing sale that offered return flights to Lombok for just $139 per person and my dear friend Karen got in touch to see if we all wanted to head off together later in the year for a 9 or 10 day break post STYLEAID.  It was all perfect timing really and September was a great option for us so the flights were booked and we then looked into accommodation options for 10 days.


Trevor and I had previously been to Lombok about 7 years ago and on that trip stayed at the Sheraton Senggigi as it had great facilities was centrally located and in the quiet atmosphere of the area was just perfect for us.  It is not by any means a 5 star Sheraton but closer to a 4 star but it offered everything that we wanted for this trip – a great pool, time to relax and feel like we had really had a break away from the hustle and bustle of our jobs back in Perth.

There are so many options now in Senggigi in terms of villas and hotels but when looking at value for money we again chose the Sheraton and we were not disappointed.  For 10 days it cost us $1404.00 per couple for a Deluxe King room with daily breakfast and free wi fi.  We did look at Qunci Villas and a number of other options but this was really one of the cheaper options for the area and knowing that prices for food etc were still cheap then this was a great option.

The Sheraton is located in Senggigi just at the end of all the restaurants and right next door to the art market.  It has not changed much since we were last there 7 years ago and if you looked really closely then you will see that the rooms are getting a little tired and need some work done to them but they were comfortable and a great size.  We were also given rooms with an outdoor ground level veranda which was great for afternoon reading and early evening drinks before heading out to dinner.

The pool area is large and there are a number of different depths in the pool and it is large enough to not feel like it is ever crowded but I also think we were lucky that it was not hi season but in the shoulder before the next school holidays so it was really quiet and it offered real peace and tranquillity. On most days there were plenty of sunbeds available as long as you got down early to secure a space.  As with many larger hotels there are limited sun lounges and you have to be out early to secure one for the day..  Lucky for us we were up early and by the pool by 8.30 each morning and so got our pick of the sun beds for our day ahead.



The view from the sunset bar…perfect!

There really is not much to do in Lombok which if you are looking for total relaxation is the perfect holiday destination and it really suited all of us.  This was my first trip to Asia in a number of years when I did not do any shopping at all and just enjoyed the sun, food, cocktails and the ability to really unwind.

Lombok really reminded me of Bali  25 years ago when the  crowds were less and the whole feeling is much more laid back.  You can do day trips to the waterfalls (2 hours in a car there and back) and also trips over to the Gili islands for snorkelling and to experience something a little different but this is dependant on the weather and that the ocean is calm (which did not happen on the day we went, but more on that in another post).  Other than that there really is not much to do and that is just perfect.


The pool at night.

The Sheraton offers a nice peaceful environment to relax and unwind.  From the minute you arrive until you depart there are great places all around the resort to find a space for quiet contemplation and even the sunset bar for drinks is quiet and offers a great place at the end of the day for a cocktail and some down time before deciding what to do for dinner.

Like Bali of 25 years ago some of the service on offer here leaves a little to be desired but really in the scheme of things this is only a slight annoyance…getting drinks orders wrong or spilling something when it is being delivered to the table are really all ok if they only happens once or twice.

The breakfast buffet, which was included in our room charges, was great and each day we had a great range of dishes top chose from including ice cream for our waffles and French roast…but we chose omelettes and toast each day and they were always freshly cooked.  They also had a fresh juice station where you could make your own mixed juice to go with your breakfast which was a great addition to the usual breakfast fare.


The view from the balcony at night!

All in all this was a great place to stay in Senggigi that ensured you were close to all the restaurants in the main strip as well as the spas for that afternoon massage at a ridiculous price (around $8 for an hour).  The Sheraton is a perfect spot for a truly relaxed holiday.  Lombok is a great destination and with the new International airport is easy navigate – although it is a fair distance from everything. It is unfortunate that        Jetstar are no longer flying in to Lombok from October, which is a great pity as this is a great destination.  There are rumours that AirAsia is going to take up the reins and fly from Perth so look out for that if you really want to have a total relaxation holiday.  We did!


Relaxedd after a day by the pool!

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