Spa treatments in Lombok – from cheap and cheerful to private delights!

Whenever we travel to Asia one of the delights that we always look forward to is getting regular massages, foot massages, sometimes facials and manicures and pedicures.  They are so cheap in comparison to home that it is so easy to indulge every day on holiday in one of them.

Lombok is certainly no exception and there are plenty of spa options to chose from.  Since our last visit there 7 years ago there has been a vast improvement in the number of services, cafes, restaurants and spas in Senggigi to keep you amused and happy for the duration of your stay.  It is still a quiet place to stay and by no means does it have any real hustle and bustle like you get in all areas of  Bali these days.  The shopping is limited to handicrafts, sarongs and Bintang singlets and shorts and not really much else which means that after a morning by the…

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