A return to Mosman’s Restaurant – a true delight from start to finish with views to die for!


The 2004 Vintage Dom Perignon – the perfect start of a delightful meal!

It was a couple of weeks ago and Trevor asked me where I would like to go for my birthday to celebrate turning another year old.  I originally wanted to go to the Print Hall but as it was not open on a Sunday I decided that a return visit to Mosman’s was in order as I really enjoyed our last lunch there.

This is one of those restaurants situated on the river and with such stunning vistas is a real day time must head to restaurant.  It does not matter what the weather is like, it was rainy and overcast on my birthday, as the view across the Swan River is always majestic and delightful to behold.


The view from our table – just wonderful, even though it was raining!

As a lover of seafood Mosman’s has always done a great job at presenting fresh local seafood incredibly well and this visit was not exception.  For lunchtime they do not have a huge menu but they do have enough options to please almost everyone.  We both love all types of seafood and it was hard to decide which dishes to go for.  As it was lunch we did decide that 2 courses was plenty.

We were seated in a delightful corner table overlooking the river and for the first half hour had that section of the restaurant to ourselves.  Our waitress was attentive, friendly and full of tips about what was good eating from the current lunch time menu, without being too in your face.  And you know how much we don’t enjoy being over served and intruded on when we are enjoying each others company and chatting away.

I have a bit of a bucket list of fine champagnes that I want to taste and do not really get lots of opportunities to go there.  I love bubbles and have been a fan of champagne for years and just love the Vintage champagne options that are around.  Over the past year in my job I have had a the good fortune to have sampled the complete range of a new champagne to Australia Champagne Jacquart and adore it, I especially love the vintage Jacquart and will do another post about that another time!

So it was a great pleasure to order and be served a bottle of the 2004 Vintage Dom Perignon with our meal.  It was a real delight from the first sip until the last glass.  It was spicy and elegant at the same time and was a real highlight of the day for me.  Whilst quite pricey from any restaurant it really was worth the expense!  There was a real delight in the complexity of the flavours that have moved it to the top of my champagne list.  Now to get to the Cristal and the Krug to do a comparison…oh well another day for those.

Onto our choices for lunch – being a fan of oysters, and much to Trevor’s horror enjoying the good old favourite of Oysters Kilpatrick I was intrigued to see a new twist on the Kilpatrick on the menu and so of course had to try them as my starter.  The Mosmans style Kilpatrick oysters consisted of a topping made up of capers, bacon, celery & sherry vinegar which all combined together beautifully.  There was not one flavour that stood out here and the combination worked together to add another level to the oyster and was a real delight.

Trevor chose the cerviche of salmon served with capers and miniature herbs.  This was light, delightful and a perfect lunchtime starter.  The flavours were delicate and let the salmon come to the front of the dish and each mouthful was delicious.


Mosmans Oysters Kilpatrick – a new twist on an old favourite and a delight!


Salmon Cerviche – light and delightful.

We both chose the same main course  – Red Emperor served with a  prawn tajine brik, depuy lentils and chermoula beurre blanc.  This was another delight with the Emperor cooked to perfection and served on a bed of luscious lentils and the chermouls beurre blanc was the perfect light accompaniment to the dish.  The prawn tajine brik served on top of the dish was simply a light crispy pastry with a delightful prawn mixture in the middle.  It was a lovely addition to this dish and the prawn filling was succulent, juicy and perfect.  This main course was wonderfully presented and the tastes combined together to create a memorable dish.


Red Emperor was never so good!

Served along side it we chose the  roast pear, honeyed pine nuts and blue cheese salad served with a  truffled vinaigrette and the hand cut chips with saffron aioli, smoked paprika and lime salt.  Both of these dishes were the perfect lunchtime company for the main courses.  The salad was especially nice and as someone who is not a huge fan of blue cheese I was a little apprehensive as I am aware of how blue cheese can really over power the other flavours when combined in a dish, but they manager here to combine each of the ingredients in a way that not one stood out from the others but combined to create a fresh, tasty salad that worked really well with the Red Emperor.


The salad – a blend of ingredients that worked well together!

This was our second trip to Mosman’s and once again it did not disappoint!  The service was first rate, the food was delicious and its presentation was a delight and the view is just simply breath taking.  If you are looking for somewhere a little special to celebrate or you just want to go and have a great meal in a wonderful location then head to Mosman’s you will not be disappointed!

Mosman’s Restaurant

15 Johnson Parade
Mosman Park, WA 6012  
Open Wednesday to Sunday from 11.30am  – 9.30 pm
P:  08 9383 3388


Your intrepid reviewer enjoying his birthday lunch!

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