Blu Grill – a divine find

Well it was a warm Wednesday night and it seems like spring is finally here and so we decided to head out for an early dinner and to search and try something local that we had not been to before. After looking at a couple of options in North Beach and also in our local surrounding area of Scarborough and Woodlands we decided to give the Blu Grill a try.


This is the second restaurant to go into this space in Woodlands and we had driven past it on numerous occasions and had wondered what was on offer here and how it had evolved since it was a seafood restaurant in its last life…

Dining out during the week is usually an early evening choice for us, with work and gym etc. we like to eat early and then head home to chill out.  So we booked a table for 6.30 and headed out into the warm early evening to try the Blu Grill and what a nice surprise it was.

This is another one of those restaurants that obviously prides itself on good food, good service and a great ambient setting to dine in.  Located across the road from Jackadder lake, even in the early evening it is so peaceful to just stare across the road at the lake as you contemplate the menu.  It was while we were looking at the drinks menu that we noticed that there was 2 prices for the drinks on the list and on closer exploration we discovered the Blu Grill VIP club.  There are 3 options with the VIP Club that offer discounts on dining, drinks and events over the course of the year and it looked quite interesting.

But first to the menu, whilst not huge it has a great variety of options that should keep anyone happy.  There was a choice of 6 entrees and as you know I am a fan of terrines and pates and they have a rabbit rillettes on the menu so there was no other choice really…mind you when I return, and I will, it will be something else on the menu that I will try for an entrée…perhaps the honey and orange glazed pork belly but it was the Rabbit Rillettes served with pistachio and cranberry, red cabbage remoulade, wholegrain mustard, crostini and pickled shallot in balsamic.

This was simply delightful.  The rillettes were served on top of the crostini and the flavours all combined together to create complexly different tastes with each bite.  The mustard added a nice contrast to the rillettes and the remoulade added a fresh twist to the rillettes as well and it all added together to create a lush entrée choice and a great start to the meal.


We chose to have a bottle of Devils Corner Pinot Grigio from Tasmania for the meal and it was the perfect wine for a warm spring evening.  I can imagine sitting on my balcony watching the ocean and sipping this wine as the sun goes down.  It had subtle spicy notes along with a ripe pear flavour and was a nice find.


When it comes to main courses there were of course more options than the entrees and we chose two very different but really tasty options.  Trevor selected the Tequila Flambéed Pork Fillet served with mixed mushroom, celery and potato mash, pancetta, blanched broccoli, roast baby beetroot, edamame beans and a marsala sauce.  Whilst it seemed that there were a lot of components to this dish they all worked together really well and complimented the pork fillet.  There was just enough of each accompanying vegetable to create a delightful balance and the sweetness of the baby beetroot worked incredibly well with the mixed mushrooms and the edamame beans.  I pinched a mushroom or two and also tasted the marsala sauce and loved the simple sweetness of the sauce.


I chose the Lamb Duo which consisted of a crumbed lamb cutlet and a lamb back strap coated with rosemary and soy sauce and crusted with mixed sesame seeds  and this was served with beetroot and potato mash, wilted spinach, butternut pumpkin and blue cheese cream.  This was a less complex dish but was never the less filled with amazing tastes that all melded together to create a wonderful dish.  The lamb cutlet was cooked perfectly, it was moist and succulent and the lamb back strap was also succulent and the coating added another dimension to the dish.  The wilted spinach was wilted just right and the mash was smooth and creamy.  I have never been a fan of adding blue cheese to anything as I see it as something that can over power a dish and it then takes over the flavours and does not allow the dish to balance the flavours out or can completely disguise the flavour of the star of the dish like the lamb in this dish but not this time.  It was simply a cream at the base of the dish that still allowed for the blue cheese flavour to come through but not in a strong way.  It was a nice subtle interpretation of blue cheese and just added another dimension to the dish as a whole.


Served with our main courses we ordered a very simple mixed julienne of vegetables, tomato, mixed leaves, cucumber and a balsamic dressing.  This really was a very simple salad but the thing that took it up a level was the balsamic dressing which was a real delight.  It was fresh, full of flavour and worked really well with the salad.

Being mid week we decided not to indulge in dessert…that might happen next time.

And so to the Blu Grill VIP club.  We decided that before we committee to the club which involved paying a fee, we would wait until we had completed the meal, as there is no point joining a club if you are not a fan of the food, the wine list or the service.  Well it ticked all the boxes for us.  The food was stunning, the wine list is really comprehensive and offers many options and the service was spot on without being intrusive.

There are three levels of membership and each one comes with a range of special privileges and exclusive benefits for anyone who might choose to dine here on more than one occasion over a year.

The VIP Wine Club is $29 and offers up to 50% off selected wines anytime that you visit Blu over the year.

The second option is the VIP Lunch Club which is $49 and offers 25% off your lunch food bill and is available Friday, Saturday and Sunday and is capped at $100 per table and also includes up to 50% off selected wines anytime you visit Blu.

The final option is to join the VIP Royal Blu Club which is $99 and includes 50% off early dining available Tuesday to Thursday for reservations made prior to 6.30pm for up to 12 people to a maximum discount of $200, 25% off lunch food bill Friday, Saturday and Sunday capped at $100 per table, 50% of selected wines anytime you visit Blu and invitations to exclusive member events. You can have as many people at the table and not just 2 or 4 and capped at a reasonable amount.

The beauty of the VIP club is that you can join on the spot and they add the discount to your bill from the very first visit.  So sign up we did with the VIP Royal Blu Club and are now looking forward to our next visit.  We got a discount off our food and also received a discount on our wine.  It is really good value if you are going to be a regular diner their and for us it was a nice surprise in our area to find a restaurant that was a little more than the more relaxed café spots around us.

So if you are in the area, or even if you are not, and are looking for a great finer dining alternative to the many great cafes in the area then Blu Grill is for you!

 Blu Grill

Tuesday – Thursday 5pm – Late
Friday – Sunday 12pm – Late
Closed Monday

88 Rosewood Avenue Woodlands,
Western Australia

P: 08 9242 8222

Reservations : 08 9242 8222



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