The Print Hall – Dinning excellence on all levels!

It was Rodney’s 40th birthday…I know he doesn’t look a day over 30 really, and so his gorgeous partner Robbie booked the four of us in for dinner at the Print Hall.  This was one of those restaurants that had been on our list of must try for many months but had always slipped off the radar when we decided on going somewhere for dinner.

This is a special occasion restaurant because it is certainly not a cheap choice but from the moment you arrive until you depart the service, food and wine all add together to make for a truly memorable experience!  This is one of those special restaurants that present everything is the most professional way and all the staff engage with both a sense of knowing what their roles are but also with a polite friendly nature that just adds to the experience.

We began with the Friday night office crowd out in the bar with drinks and just enjoyed the space, as you will know we had been there the previous Sunday for the QANTAS Wine show top 50 wine tasting so the bar was familiar to us…but boy was it crowded…we managed to find a nice area to take a seat and enjoy some wine before we headed into our table at 7pm.

On being seated we were faced with one of the most extensive wine lists I have ever seen, but with the assistance of the staff were able to navigate to the appropriate pages and make our choices, beginning with a stunning organic champagne to toast the birthday boy and followed by a great WA Shiraz and a white blend from South Australia that was a combination of Riesling, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and pinot grapes that all combined for a fresh, light wine that both Rodney and I really enjoyed.

There are two options for dinning at The Print Hall, either a four course dinner for $110 per head or the degustation menu for $150 for just food or $80 extra for matched wines and $150 for matched premium wines.  We all chose to go with the four course dinner but first stated with a dozen freshly shucked oysters with a stunning champagne shallot vinaigrette to add an added complexity to the oysters.

After the oysters we were served an amuse bouche which was the chefs take on cheese and biscuits – a delightful light whipped cheese served with a large rice cracker that you were encouraged to break off and dip into the cheese mixture.  Light, fresh and really tasty.


French Champagne to toast the birthday boy!


Freshly shucked oysters!


Cheese served with a twist!


The decanted shiraz!

Compared to the wine menu the food menu is more limited but never the less gives some great options for a complete dinning experience.

For the first course three of us chose the snow crab that was served with almonds, enoki mushroom and bean sprouts and Rodney had the raw scampi from point Samson served with jellyfish, bonita and furikake.  Both of these dishes shone for different reasons the subtlety of the snow crab was enhanced with the enoki mushroom and the bean sprouts without them being over bearing and creating a superb first course. The raw scampi was again quite subtle in its flavours and the jellyfish offered another taste along with the bonita and the furikake.  Both dishes were a great starter for what was to come.


Snow Crab.


Raw scampi and jelly fish  a real treat!

The next course saw three of us chose the forbidden rice served with local squid, pic and wood grilled chilli. This was a delight of flavours that all combined to create something truly special.  The rice and squid worked so well together and the wood grilled chilli sauce added a touch of heat when combined with the rice to lift it further in the taste stakes. Rodney chose the rainbow trout from Manjimup that was served with linseed, witlof and a smoked bacon consommé.

The trout was cooked to perfection and the witlof added a bitterness to the overall flavours and combined with the smoked bacon consommé presented a delightful dish.


Forbidden rice!


Trout served with fresh witlof!

Then it was time for the main courses and three different dishes were chosen.  I had the most amazing wood grilled wagyu bavette that was served with veal sweetbread, smoked marrow and shimeji mushroom.  This was one of the highlights of the night for me.  The wagyu was cooked perfectly and the veal sweetbread and the smoked marrow added a complexity in flavours that worked with the wagyu so perfectly.  A real treat!

The duck from Wagin that was served with beluga lentils, fennel pollen and smoked tongue looked impressive and that taste more than matched the look.  Duck can sometimes be a difficult dish to prepare and serve but the accompanying lentils and smoked tongue worked together with the dish to allow the full flavour of the duck to be the star of the dish.

The final main course chosen was the pan roasted barramundi served with coorong pippis, chard, paprika and anchovy.  Again as with all of the other main courses this was a dish that allowed the fish to shine an the pippis, chard and anchovies just worked together with the fish to bring the flavour of the barramundi to the fore front and create another memorable dish.


Wagyu cooked to perfection!


Roasted Barramundi.

p15The Delicious duck!

Each of these dishes were sensational in their own way and each one had an aspect that made it stand out for each of us, whether it was the perfectly cooked wagyu or the perfection of the barramundi.

Now it was time to head to dessert and some sweet tastes and none of us were disappointed with this course either!  I had the sour cherry and sunflower seed parfait with honeycomb, mandarin and lavender.  This was just the right dessert for me with the lightness of the flavours all combining together to create a real taste sensation and the honeycomb was that added sweetness that offset some of the sour cherry flavour making this a sensational dessert choice.

Equally as stunning was the Valrhona chocolate mouse with blood orange and sangria that offered three different takes on chocolate mousse with the added complexity offered to the dish by the blood orange and sangria.  All in all an evenly placed tasty dessert. 

Finally for the table was the ‘whisky and cigars’ that was served with a lochan ora and cocao nib.  This was a very unusual and clever take on the old style habit of indulging in a cigar and a glass of whisky to finish off a meal.  Each guest ordering this dessert is presented with a cigar menu that has 4 choices of the blends to be used in creating the ‘cigar’ the accompanies the dish, then that is served alongside a traditional whisky glass filled with lochan ora that allows for the cigar to be dipped directly in and tasted so that all the flavours are combined to create a memorable final course.


Look at that wonderful homemade honeycomb!


Chocolate mousse for the birthday boy.


Cigar and whisky a clever new interpretation…

Then there was the palette cleanser which was a gorgeous grapefruit granita served with limoncello caviar…a perfectly balanced palate cleanser and simply delicious.

A final choice of a range of hand made chocolates and other delicacies was the perfect end to what was simply a delightful meal.


The palate cleanser…perfection!


As mentioned before this is not a cheap dining option but for a special occasion it is most certainly worth booking in and indulging in the amazing food and the wonderful service.

And so another wonderful meal was complete and we headed into the night with satisfied grins at having experienced a wonderful dinning experience.



P: +61 (8) 6282 0000

Opening hours

Monday – Friday: 11.30am – 12am
Saturday: 4pm – 12am (Dining Room open for dinner only)
Sunday: Closed
Public holidays: Closed

Dress requirements

Smart casual at all times. No thongs or shorts at any stage of trade.


The boys – Rob and Rodney!


Trevor at the end of the meal!

p5               I forgot to smile 🙂


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