Back on the Silk Road to Silks at Crown!

It was the middle of the week and we decided that because Trevor had a reunion at the Merrywell at Crown to attend on Saturday night that we would have dinner at Silks. We had both  enjoyed the Dim Sum lunch but he had never had the good fortune to experience the wonders of an evening meal there like I had so thought his would be the perfect chance!



I decided to start with a glass of Moet & Chandon champagne to begin the night and we also ordered a Howard Park Riesling, having been turned back on to Riesling at the recent QANTAS top 50 wine show.

After spending some time looking at all of the dining options and the range of different degustation menus that are on offer as well as Dim Sum and a la carte we decided to go with the Silks Gold Degustation menu and what a stunning choice it was.  This was a delightful meal filled with some familiar dishes and some that we had both never experienced before and not one of the dishes disappointed.

Now it should be noted here that this degustation menu was $208 per person so it is not for anyone who wants to have a cheap and cheerful Chinese meal…this is the perfect menu for the relaxed 3 hour dining experience that you will not soon forget.  You can also chose to include matched wines with each of the degustation menus but we decided on this occasion to stick with just the one bottle to share over the meal.

Having been to Silks a number of times in the past 18 months I was surprised and delighted when one of the regular staff remembered me and made a point of coming over to say hello and to see if we were enjoying our night.  This was a lovely surprise and just added to the night.

And so to the Gold Degustation menu which began with a Silks Cold Platter that was made up of 3 distinct and delightful dishes but before that was served we were presented with an amuse bouche to begin the journey which was a delightful slice of duck served in a light sauce that just added an extra dimension to this tasty mouthful.


Amuse Bouche – delicious tender duck


The Silks Cold Platter

The platter was made up of a slice of pork belly, a traditional custard roll filled with seafood and an amazing spring roll that was wrapped in a light rice noodle coating that gave it a very distinct flavour.  This was a great way to continue the journey into our dinner.  This was followed by the Silks Signature Dim Sum Selection which I have been delighted to have had on several occasions now and which never fails to impress.  One was filled with tender juicy lobster, one with wonderful prawns and the final filled with a juicy pork mince that you have to put straight into your mouth or you will find the juices contained in it spilling all over the table.  Not a good look but I knew what to expect so we both enjoyed a full mouthful of this final member of the dim sum selection.


Signature Dim Sum

This was a really gorgeous dish and as I said I have never been disappointed and really enjoyed it from the first lobster morsel through to the pork mince…

After a suitable break it was time for the soup course which was the Four Treasures Soup with Abalone.  I cannot tell you adequately what an absolute delight this soup was…with its light rich broth to the large abalone nestled in amongst the other fresh seafood to all add up to a really pleasing soup that was enchanting and a perfect soup course to really savour.  It was light enough to allow for the abalone flavours to really shine through and it created a really delightful seafood flavour to enjoy.


Four treasures soup with abalone

Keeping with the seafood theme for this part of the meal we then enjoyed Wok Baked Lobster with Ginger and Scallion which again was done in that very traditional way to allow for the full flavour of the lobster to be the star of the dish and nothing else.  The ginger and scallion were there but it was the juicy full flavour of the lobster that really shone through.  I always love to eat my seafood in any dish as long as the seafood is the star and does not get over powered by too many spices or other ingredients which can sometimes be the case with the inclusion of things like ginger but not this time.  The ginger was certainly there but the choice of vegetables included were background accompaniments to the real star the lobster.


Wok baked lobster – a real delight

Then it was time for some meat but this course was a delightful surprise in how it was served and how you were encouraged to eat it.  The Braised Pork Belly and Lohan Fruit Served with Hollow Bun was served in 2 dishes side by side, the hollow bun was served in a traditional steamer and then the pork belly and lohan fruit was served in a small glass bowl next to it.  To eat this course you turn the hollow bun upside down and fill it with the pork belly and lohan fruit and then pop it in your mouth to enjoy the wonderous flavours that come from the doughy delight of a perfect hollow bun mixed with the wonderful pork belly.


Braised pork belly and lohan fruit served with hollow bun!


Perfectly cooked stir fried wagyu beef

Time to move on after another break to the Stir Fried Wagyu Beef with Crispy Rice in Black Pepper Sauce.  If you follow my blog you will know what a fan of wagyu beef I am and how I love it to be cooked correctly to really enjoy it.  This dish was no exception with it cooked perfectly and served with a crunchy crispy rice and the black pepper sauce was light enough that it did not dominate and the carrot, broccoli and mushrooms just added another dimension to the dish.  At this time we were also served the Scallops and Prawns Fried Rice that had large pieces of scallops all through it along with prawns to offer a top class fried rice to sit on the side of this dish.

This was the perfect course to bring us close to the completion of the meal, the wagyu was cooked perfectly and the slices were tender and a real taste treat.

Now we were heading into the final course which was the very wonderful Spicy Honey Cake with Pure tea ice cream that was served with home made honeycomb to add yet another dimension to the dish and as we were not having coffee we were also served some lychee jelly to complete the meal. The Spicy honey cake was layers of a delightful light honey mousse with a honey cake and layered was really delicious and not heavy at all and sitting along side it with the home made honeycomb was the pure tea ice cream which was a bit of an acquired taste for me as I found it a little too strong compared to the honey cake but Trevor really enjoyed it and loved it with the cake.


Spicy Honey cake with pure ice tea and homemade honey comb


Lychee jellies to end the meal!

This was  a fitting final course and then to pop the light fresh lychee jelly into our mouths right at the end was the perfect end to a really wonderful meal.

As usual with Silks the service was fabulous and they explained each and every dish as it arrived at the table.  The one thing that perhaps would work is to do what I have had at other degustation meals and that is a copy of the degustation menu on the table so you can refer to it throughout the night…it also makes a lovely momento of the meal you have just enjoyed.

I cannot recommend highly enough a trip to Silks whether it be for Dim Sum, a la carte or one of the signature degustation menus…you really will not be disappointed!

s1          s3

Enjoying a night at Silks!



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